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1.  Arboretum, Main Garden

Sepia photo of old arboretum. Photo card edges are marred with dried adhesive, probably from previous border or frame. Photo is in very poor condition, part of image is unrecognizable due to emulsion loss. 

2.  Fruticetum -- Summer House

Fruticetum -- Summer House. Sepia print mounted on display board. Similar to, but NOT the same as GPN 1982-0048. 


3.  Fruticetum -- Trenching

Sepia print mounted on display board. Workers digging trenches. 


4.  Dr. Sappington's House, Arrow Rock, Missouri

View of Dr. Sappington's home. Arrow Rock, Missouri. c.1930. 


5.  MBG -- Tool Shed

Tool house in the Mo. Botanical Garden showing Mexican morning glory. 


6.  Garden Path -- Visitors


7.  Gray, Asa

Portrait card of Asa Gray late in life. 

8.  Shaw, Henry

Lying in state in Museum Building, 1889. The paintings along the upstairs banister are now located in the Missouri Botanical Garden Library. 

9.  Shaw, Henry

Portrait of Henry Shaw standing holding papers taken in 1858. 


10.  Cactus House (interior)

Cactus House (interior) about 1902. (Reference on back of envelope to Glass negative #264) 

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