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1.  Pereskia aculeata in cactus house Missouri Botanical Garden

Pereskia aculeata in cactus house. 


2.  Platanus occidentalis Missouri Botanical Garden

Platanus occidentalis growing next to picket fence in the Arboretum. 


3.  Populus monilifera Tower Grove Avenue

Populus monilifera growing along Tower Grove Avenue. Tower Grove House visible above stone garden wall in the background. 


4.  Pilocereus tetetzo Weber Mitla Oaxaca road Mexico CHT 1906

Small boy standing next to example of Pilocereus tetetzo. Mitla Oaxaca road, Mexico. Picture taken by Hermann von Schrenk. 


5.  1 Tripteris glandulosa 2 Tripteris cheiranthifolia



6.  Desert view Mexico Cereus geometrizans Photo by von Schrenk no 764 CHT 1906

Desert view in Mexico. Cereus geometrizans. Photo taken by Hermann von Schrenk in 1906. 


7.  Agave lechuguilla Weaving bags Monterrey Trelease

Weaved bags being made from Agave lechuguilla in the Monterrey region. 


8.  Herbarium of Linnaeus at Hammarby (Now used as a storehouse) From photo loaned by Dr. Farlow.

Herbarium of Linnaeus at Hammarby. 


9.  Herbarium of Linnaeus at Uppsala (Now used as a 'corps house' by students)

Herbarium of Linnaeus at Uppsala (Now used as a 'corps house' by students). Photo loaned by Dr. Farlow. 


10.  MBG -- Parterre

Parterre view with the Observatory and Tower Grove House in background. View is to the south. 


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