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Nature in our Neighborhoods Education Summit
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Class Description: 
For educators of Grades 3-12. Throughout St. Louis, the U.S. and the world, cities are recognizing how local biodiversity – the living organisms all around us – equate to healthier, happier, more livable, economically prosperous cities.  Biodiversity is in our backyards, schoolyards, city streets, parking lots, roadside berms, and balconies. Our biodiverse neighbors live in the soil underfoot and the tree canopy overhead. They clean and cool our air, prevent our streets from flooding, remove toxins from our soil, and provide sustenance for people and all kinds of wildlife. To what extent can urban ecology be explored and investigated by students in ways that solve real-world problems, including environmental and economic challenges of our region? To what extent can such investigations foster STEM-capable learners and spur interest in future careers?  During this 3-day experience, educators from across the St. Louis region will have the opportunity to network and share ideas on how best to integrate local biodiversity issues and ideas throughout their curriculum in ways that connect, compel, and inspire.   Designed for classroom educators, high school and college students, and environmentally minded organizations and community groups, the summit will feature keynote speakers, case study presentations, local field trips, inspiring stories/voices from across the U.S. and world, and facilitated planning and discussion time.  Throughout the summit, participants will create a customized, multi-year plan, packed with grade-appropriate activities, curriculum connections, book lists, real-world career profiles, and other resources relevant to their own school/community needs.  The 2014 BiodiverseCity Educator Summit is convened by Missouri Botanical Garden in collaboration with local school districts, universities, and other community organizations.   A light breakfast and lunch each day is included in the fee.  Price is per group; teams of two to five individuals per school and/or district are encouraged to attend. Some schools and districts count Garden programs toward district-required professional development units. Graduate credit is available.
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Registration ends July 10 at 4:00 PM
Class Details: 
Please read and print prior to class
Local Biodiversity in schoolyards, backyards, and neighborhoods can be investigated by students in ways that deepen understanding, encourage real world problem solving, and even inspire future careers! 
Sheila Voss, Missouri Botanical Garden Staff, and Academy of Science St Louis Staff
Class Price
$150.00/ team (a team can range from 2-5 people, only one person need register each team)
$60.00/ Individual

Class Dates: 

  Meet at 4500 Shaw Blvd at the Monsanto 1st Floor Lecture Hall
 Monday, 07/14/14 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM Bayer Center 1st Floor Lobby
  Meeting location and directions will be handed out on first day of summit
 Monday, 07/14/14 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM Offsite location
  Meet at 4500 Shaw Blvd at the Monsanto 1st Floor Lecture Hall
 Wednesday, 07/16/14 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM Beaumont Room

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