Flora of China Checklist

The Flora of China Checklist [FCC] project will provide a computerized synopsis of the almost 30,000 species of ferns and seed plants by mid 1997. Information on accepted species and recognized infraspecific taxa will be provided. These data include: the place of publication for accepted taxa, location where accepted names of species appear in published volumes of both the Chinese-language Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae [FRPS] and English-language Flora of China [FoC] (as applicable) as well as other relevant bibliographic sources, the status of species and infraspecies in China (native, endemic, introduced, naturalized, cultivated), their distribution by province/shi/special areas within China, altitudinal ranges within China, and for those non-endemic taxa, their occurrence in countries neighboring China and distribution outside of Asia, and notes as appropriate for the project including conservation status where known via the China Plant Red Data Book.

The information presented here represents the working Checklist data base. We welcome comments and additions. Please contact Ihsan Al-Shehbaz - alshehb@mobot.org with comments or suggestions.

Flora of China Checklist data base