Collections of F.A. Marschall von Bieberstein from Crimea

Dates of collection:

1793-1795 (Crimea)

1796, 1798-1802 (Caucasus)

1807-1820s (Kharkov Province)

Region of collection:

Ukraine: Crimea, Black Sea area, Kharkov Province

Russia: Lower Volga, Northern Caucasus

Caucasus: Caspian Sea area, Georgia


Marschall von Bieberstein F.A.Steven C. von

Volume of collection:

8000-10 000 species

Income date to LE:


Income method:

Purchased by Russian Academy of Sciences

LE Section of storage:

Section of East Europe

Type collections of the section of East Europe

Collection of F.A. Marschall von Bieberstein's herbarium - separately kept


Sizes of sheets: 42.5-43 x 27-29.5 cm

Features of appearance: The labels are written by hand on on light blue, blue or grey paper. The most sheets are marked by the stamps: "Herb. M. a Bieberst." or printed labels: "Ex herbario Marschall Bieberstein".The sheets kept separately in the Collection of F.A. Marschall von Bieberstein's herbarium, are put in light grey spongy paper folders 30-31 x 45.5-46 with handwritten in old ink species names. Probably, these are the original folders, where the herbarium had been kept before its treatment and mounting in 1960s.

Additional Infromation: The collection was the base of the edition: Bieberstein (Marschall) F.A. Flora taurico-caucasica, exhibens stirpes phanerogamas in Chersoneso taurica et regionibus Caucasicis sponte crescentes. Charkoviae. TT.1-2. 1808. T.3. Supplementum. 1819.


Lipschitz S.Ju., Vassilczenko I.T. Herbarium centrale URSS. Leningrad, 1968. 142 p.

Botanicorum rossicorum lexicon biographo-bibliographicum / Compiled by S.Ju.Lipschitz.Vol.1. Moscow, 1947. P.188-190.

Smoljaninova L.A. The herbarium of Marschall von Bieberstein // Bot. Zhurn. 1965. Vol.50, No 4. P.564-565.

Compiler & Date:

Sokolova I.V., 2005

Isatis taurica M.Bieb.


Trifolium ruthenicum M.Bieb.


Astragalus arnacantha M.Bieb.


Astragalus glaucus M.Bieb.


Cytisus calycinus M.Bieb.


Ervum loiseleurii M.Bieb.


Medicago rupestris M.Bieb.


Medicago saxatilis M.Bieb.


Orobus digitatus M.Bieb.


Ranunculus dissectus M.Bieb.


Robinia mollis M.Bieb.


Saxifraga irrigua M.Bieb.


Sobolewskia lithophila M.Bieb.


Vicia incisa M.Bieb.


Vicia megalosperma M.Bieb.


Vicia striata M.Bieb.


Cheiranthus cuspidatus M.Bieb.


Arabis toxophylla M.Bieb.


Adonis vernalis L.

(Representative specimen)

Alyssum calycinum L.

(Representative specimen)

Astragalus tauricus Pall.

(Representative specimen)

Ceratocephala testiculata (Crantz) Bess.

(Representative specimen)

Dianthus armeria L.

(Representative specimen)

Ranunculus repens L.

(Representative specimen)

Silene steppicola Kleop.

(Representative specimen)