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Power of Plants Contest

Example--Cornelius Dogwood (Cornus florida): Iím Cornelius the Flowering Dogwood coming at you live from the understory! I like to grow in shady areas beneath larger trees. Donít let my small stature fool you though, I am very hearty, can tolerate most soils and am one of the first trees to bloom in the spring. I am often planted as an ornamental tree because of my famous flowers and thick foliage. I also produce berry-like drupes which animals feed on and I provide much-needed shelter for a variety of insects.

It’s no secret—at the Missouri Botanical Garden we think plants are AMAZING! They are real-life superheroes that help us every day. Plants are the basis of life as we know it. Here are just a few great things plants provide for people:

  • Oxygen in the air we breathe
  • Food
  • Medicines
  • Materials for buildings and clothes
  • Fuel for cars
  • Pollution protection for rivers, lakes, and oceans
  • Nutrients for soil
  • Shade
  • Enjoyment, pleasure, and beauty

The Missouri Botanical Garden would like your help to identify the amazing Power of Plants. Form a group of 2 to 5 members. Pick a plant. Learn about the plant’s qualities and characteristics. Learn about how the plant helps people. Find a way to tell everyone about why your plant deserves our thanks. If your entry is chosen by our panel of judges, each member of your group could win $200, and your school could win $500!!

Learn how you can participate, and get to work!

Do you have a question?

Please send questions to powerofplants@mobot.org. Answers to questions of general interest will be posted on the list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please allow 5 business days for the MBG staff to reply.

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