Correspondence of G. W. Clinton
Edited by P. M. Eckel
Res Botanica
Missouri Botanical Garden
January 30, 2003–present
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Correspondence of G. W. Clinton 1865-1878



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George William Clinton was the son of New York Governor DeWitt Clinton. He was the first President of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, and was instrumental in establishing a vigorous botanical presence in Buffalo, New York. His herbarium of ca. 30,000 specimens forms the basis of the Clinton Herbarium of the Buffalo Museum of Science (BUF).


Clinton's correspondence with other botanists in the late mid-1800's is upwards of 2,200 letters and is archived at the Buffalo Museum of Science. It includes communications from professional and amateur botanists of the time, the world over.


Editorial Note


Editor's comments are in square brackets. At the beginning of every letter there is a volume number and another number (e.g. Vol. 5 No. 116). This is George Clinton's own system for organizing his letters in sequence, the volumes roughly corresponding to a given year and a number given each letter as he received it. Actually only the letter number occurs on each individual letter); Clinton later had his letters bound together into volumes. The letter and number in square brackets is part of the numbering and cataloguing or inventory system developed during the 1990's at the Research Library of the Buffalo Museum of Science. On each letter, the black ink is Clinton's handwriting, the pencil marks are the library's. At the bottom of each letter Clinton wrote the date when he received it and whether he took action.