R. H. Zander
February 7, 2002

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Every time you enter this page (or hit the "REFRESH" button), an amazing quotation relevant to mathematics and statistics is shown to you. They are randomized. (Say, what does randomized really mean? How are they randomized? Hint, view the source code with your browser and search for "random()"). This is a function. What is a function?)

How is this done? With JavaScript. You can go to a JavaScript Web site and download code already written and modify it to suit your needs, like I did. Search the Web for free JavaScript code snippets. It is a good start to actually learning to write computer code.

The name of the book these quotations were taken from is buried among the quotations. There are 20 quotations. How many times do you need to look for a quotation before you can be sure of getting that citation? Fairly sure? How often would that citation come up in, say, 100 instances of examining this page? Always?

How would you calculate these probabilities? Check out

and go to Frequency Data, then Exact Binomial Probability Calculator. Then calculate the probabilities of the above problems (you may have to read the manual, which is also online, but this is the best Web site for learning statistics easily!).