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Quote of the Day

Regarding the "black hole":
The strange universe with flashing "stars" was made by extreme Web designer R. Rednaz. So don't blame us. It is supposed to teach that persistence and dedication is always more valuable than mere brilliance when it comes to science. Do you believe that? How would you decide?

What do black holes really look like? Are they black? How would you find out? How would you describe what is behind your head without turning around?

We infer what a black hole is just as we infer what is behind our heads. Using brains lets us "see." Why do we need brains to do botany? What's math and physics got to do with botany?

"We scientists use methods that require being humble in the face of the mysteries of the universe. By being always doubtful and skeptical of how well we know what we think we know, we are able to accumulate well documented observations and reasonable principles that guide our actions in life. This is a paradox, but it works."

-- A. Tsinatob

(Say, can you tell if A. Tsinatob is a man or a woman from the name? Or maybe you can't? Is it a Russian name?)

"The accumulation of tested knowledge about the world is the highest achievement of the human spirit."

--R. Rednaz

(Do you believe that? Are you skeptical of what Rednaz says? Are there different degrees of skepticism? What would you do to decide whether he is right or not? Or almost right?)

"Obstinate authority of opinion, no matter how obdurate, can be beaten down in the eyes of an audience by relentless logic and unassailable fact."


(Do you believe what Anonymous said? Rednaz says "Pshaw! That's rhetoric, not science!" Is Rednaz right? What is science if not "relentless logic and unassailable fact"? Is science necessarily logical? (What about the paradox of scientists using both the wave and particle theories of light?) What kind of facts are unassailable? (Can you think of any?) Such a puzzle!


Such a lot to learn, so little time.... So do some puzzles. There are two kinds of puzzles, (1) those that depend on puns or hidden word games and (2) those that actually teach or give practice in science. We try to give you the latter, but not always.

Award of Excellence!