Revised State and County Checklist of the Mosses of Wyoming, U.S.A.

P. M. Eckel

Res Botanica


August 22, 2013

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P. M. Eckel, Research Fellow, Division of Botany, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York 14211 U.S.A. (Presently: Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299; email:


Note (June 10, 2013): the following checklist has been revised to conform to Vol. 27, FNA 2007, and Vol. 28 FNA, in prep.




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This list of specimens by county for the moss flora of the state of Wyoming, U.S.A., was put on line in 2007 is presented as is, that is, without revision from a version prepared some 12 years ago while a Research Fellow of the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York. The work at that time had to be terminated due to other pressing needs. That work was not only preliminary, but it was also rudimentary - many nomenclatural changes have been made in bryological nomenclature since work began on that effort. I expect that certain of the determinations will require revision, especially with the extensive revision of genera since volume 27 of the Flora of North America was published in 2007, and that in volume 28, which will be published this year (2013) or in 2014.

I would like to thank Bonnie Heidel of the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, for her patience, as I said I would provide a list of Wyoming specimens to her quite a few years ago and only was able to comply in 2007. This also applies to Judith Harpel, currently working on the flora of Yellowstone National Park, and to Martin Lenz, all of whom will doubtless find much that is new and interesting in their present work within the state.


Back in the Old Days, I was generously encouraged by Mason Hale. Harold Robinson kindly arranged for the loan of specimens from the Smithsonian Institution. Ron Hartman and B. E. Nelson also encouraged and loaned specimens from the Rocky Mountain Herbarium in Laramie. Bill Buck and Norton Miller arranged for me to examine specimens collected when the editorial committee of the Flora of North America, bryophyte section, met in the State. I benefited from specimens collected by Holmes Rolston III and A. Odaz and Richard Andrus. John Spence provided assistance with certain specimens in the Bryaceae and particularly Terry McIntosh helped with specimens in the Grimmiaceae.


R. H. Zander always provided guidance while Curator of the Clinton Herbarium in Buffalo, New York and generously assisted with the computerized version in its present form.


All errors are most decidedly my own. I put this information online to provide label data and resource locales for the various species. This list includes taxa that were problematic from the literature and other sources and should not be discarded - no time was available to analyze the data. The notes I took on the various species may or may not be useful. If time does not prevent it, I would enjoy, in the future, adding to this list from a backlog of specimens I have collected in the State at various times during the past two decades and perhaps also to attend to some of the issues raised in earlier publications.


Note: in Appendix I there is a tabular list of families with their genera and an indication of the number of species in each genus so far reported for Wyoming.


Some illustrations that appear in this text have been prepared by myself (such as that of Plagiomnium rostratum). Others have been reproduced with the kind permission of the Flora of North America Association, Inc., and have been or will appear in Volumes 27 and 28 of the Flora of North America.


Note that all localities cited are and will be from specimens that reside in public herbaria only.


P. M. Eckel


Note (June 4, 2013). A word of caution: when a note has been added to a species that is not reported for Wyoming (FNA Vol. 27, 2007 and FNA Vol. 28, in prep.) as it is possible that certain herbaria were not consulted by the authors of some FNA families - especially WTU.


Note: This publication may be cited as:

Eckel, P. M. 2013. Revised State and County Checklist of the Mosses of Wyoming, U.S.A. Res Botanica, a Missouri Botanical Garden Web Site. 1-MossesWyoIntro.htm

August 23, 2013.


Telephone Canyon is in Albany Co.; Roger Canyon is in the Laramie Mountains, also in Albany Co. ca. 8 air miles NE of Laramie.


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