The Graves of George William Clinton (1807 - 1885) and Family
by P. M. Eckel
Res Botanica
Missouri Botanical Garden, April 17, 2014
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The Graves of George William Clinton (1807 ‑ 1885) and Family


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(Part 3.) The Graves 


1. George W. Clinton  born April 13, 1807  died September 7, 1885.

Laura Catherine Spencer  wife of George W. Clinton, born April 21, 1810, died June 1, 1891.


2.   G. W. C.

            [Hon. George William Clinton, husband of Laura Catherine née Spencer; son of Gov. DeWitt Clinton, grandson of James Clinton (August 9, 1736 – September 22, 1812)]


3.   L. C. C.

            [Laura Catherine Clinton, also known as ‘Miss Kate Spencer’  daughter of John Canfield Spencer (January 8, 1788 – May 17, 1855) of Albany, and granddaughter of Chief Justice Ambrose Spencer = Laura Catherine née Spencer.]


NOTE: unless it has been overlooked, there is no stone at Forest Lawn Cemetery for Clinton’s son Charles A. Clinton, a civil engineer who died in April, 1885 in Saint Louis, Missouri. He is buried in the Bellefontaine cemetery of Saint Louis (Commercial Advertiser. Buffalo. Thursday Evening, April 2, 1885 “Summoned to Rest.”) He is said to have died at 48 years of age, and so he was probably born in 1837. Guy Clinton (1936) stated that Charles A. Clinton’s wife was a Mary L. Prather, and that they had a son that they named George W. Clinton.


4. DeWitt Clinton  Major and Judge Advocate, U. S. A.  born April 18, 1833  died Aug. 4, 1873  [revised April 22, 2014:]

            [Brevet Lt. Col. Dewitt Clinton, served in the United States Army, stationed and died in St. Paul, Minnesota; the eldest son of Hon. G. W. and L. C. Clinton; “His death is attributed to a malarial fever which he contracted in Texas two years ago. Though his health has been impaired from this cause, his decease was not expected by his friends.  He was married in Texas in February, 1872.. His widow [Elizabeth] [Sarpington] survives him.” (Buffalo Courier. Saturday Morning, August 16, 1873. Obituary - DeWitt Clinton).The couple were childless (Clinton 1936). Note that when the present article was first put on line, this stone was said to reside over a cenotaph. However, another DeWitt Clinton obituary has since come to light (Buffalo Courier. Saturday Morning, August 16, 1872. Obituary - DeWitt Clinton), where it is stated that the “remains were to have left St. Paul last night, and will be interred here.” DeWitt Clinton is buried, then, in Forest Lawn.



5. There is in Forest Lawn Cemetery a stone marking the grave of Hon. G. W. Clinton’s son Spencer Clinton (June 29, 1839 - 1914) with a photograph of it, by Jay Boone, published on-line. I overlooked this stone when visiting a few weeks ago, presuming it occurs in the Clinton Family plot.

            Spencer was the third son of Hon. G. W. Clinton, and the brother of George Clinton. He married Sarah Riley [Reiley, sec. Guy Clinton 1936] in 1870, producing two sons (DeWitt Clinton, Dr. Marshall Clinton) and three daughters (Anne, Natalie and Ethel). He married, again, Cora Caldwell, producing a son (Spencer Clinton) and a daughter (Catherine Clinton).


6. Sarah wife of Spencer Clinton born Dec. 6, 1851, died Oct. 6, 1880.


7. Carrie wife of Spencer Clinton born Aug. 23, 1859  died June 14, 1887

            [This is perhaps Spencer Clinton’s second wife, Cora Caldwell.]


8. George Clinton 1846 - 1934

            [This was the youngest son of Hon. G. W. Clinton who was mentioned by Guy Clinton (1936), but the birth date was given by him as 1847, not the 1846 on the headstone. He “was Chairman of the New York Waterways Commission which undertook the widening of the Erie Canal” (Guy Clinton 1836):


9. Alice Thornton  wife of  George Clinton 1847 - 1931

            [This woman married Hon. G. W. Clinton’s youngest son, George (Guy Clinton 1936).


10.  Laura Catherine Clinton 1873 - 1941.

            [It has been suggested that this woman was the daughter of George Clinton (1846 - 1934) and Alice Thornton Clinton (1847 - 1931), but in the genealogy provided by Guy Clinton (1936), the children of George and Alice were two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth and one son, George Clinton, Jr. What is interesting is that this woman was named after Hon. G. W. Clinton’s wife: Laura Catherine Clinton. Her birth year would put her in the generation of George Clinton Jr. and his wife Sophia Clinton, with George Jr. being the grandson of Hon. G. W. Clinton. Unless I have overlooked something, there is no other Laura named in the genealogy of the Clinton family prepared by Guy Clinton (1936). This Laura died when she was 68 years of age and would have been of the generation of Hon. G. W. Clinton’s grandchildren, which may have made her a daughter of one of Hon. Clinton’s children, who named her after their mother, Hon. Clinton’s wife, and who, perhaps, never married. Also, the fact that her last name was Clinton, may indicate her father, of the generation of the children of Hon. G. W. Clinton, was one of his sons. In fact, in Guy Clinton’s genealogy, “Catherine Clinton” is named as a daughter of Hon. G. W.’s third son, George Clinton of the Waterways Commission. Guy did not give any further information regarding this woman (no marriage, no offspring). Perhaps her full name was Laura Catherine Clinton, and a granddaughter of Hon. G. W. Clinton as was suggested at the beginning of this paragraph.]


11. George Clinton Jr.  1877 - 1952

            [This was the son of Hon. G. W. Clinton’s youngest son George, and his wife Alice Thornton. Hon. G. W. Clinton would have been his grandfather, and he the Hon. George’s grandson.]


12. Sophia Clinton  1884 - 1948  wife of George Clinton Jr.

            [According to Guy Clinton (1936), this was Sophie Klein, and, as of 1936, they had no children.]


Part 4. Some plants noted at the G. W. Clinton and D. F. gravesites (click here)