2010 Annual Meeting of the New York State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation

in Syracuse, New York

R. Zander

Missouri Botanical Garden

Res Botanica

November 26, 2010

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2010 Annual Meeting of the New York State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation

Syracuse, New York


The New York Chapter of the American Chestnut Society intends to reintroduce the American Chestnut into our forests. This tree was largely killed off by a blight in the 1930's, but breeding experiments and genetic modifications are ongoing that should be able to produce a tree identical with this tall timber tree with sweet nuts. Anyone interested in trees, forests, nature and the environment can join this effort, which involved everyone in the process of growing young trees for this grand project.


If you are interested in joining the TACFNY Chapter, contact Mr. Herbert F. Darling, President, Darling Construction Engineering, 131 California Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221, 716-632-1125.



PHOTO GALLERY: Interesting people and events of the 2010 annual meeting of TACFNY at the Double Tree Hotel and at Marshall Hall, State University of New York at Syracuse, ESF Campus.

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Meeting room on the Campus.




We went to the Lafayette Road Experiment Station by bus. Lunch was an adventure.




Are you there?




Attendees, TACFNY 2010 meeting.

You can download a hi-res version:






The experimental chestnut plantings, tour with Bill Powell.


Chestnut trees in experimental plot.




Transgenic American chestnut.




Signage, Wirsig Chestnut.




Wirsig Chestnut, the first transgenic American Chestnut.




Signage for Darling Chestnut.




Darling Chestnut, another experimental transgenic variant,
named for Herb and Jane Darling.




Chuck Maynard leads a tour.



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