Illustrations for Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae

by P. M. Eckel

Res Botanica

September 3, 2014


During the late 1980’s I was asked to provide the Latin equivalents for the English entries for the Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae for the International Association of Bryologists. This text was published by the Missouri Botanical Garden for the IAB in 1990. What the IAB may not be aware of is that I was also asked to prepare illustrations for the entries.


I followed through with the illustrations, receiving the help of noted bryologists, both for mosses and liverworts. By the time of submission of the manuscript for publication, I had prepared twenty-five plates, but none of these were published with the IAB publication.


Since these plates, intended for the IAB glossary, may be of some interest to students of bryology, I am now posting them on-line as a matter of record. They are mostly redrawn from previously published material from a variety of sources, and no doubt some will recognize figures derived from publications such as Crum and Anderson’s Eastern Moss Flora, and those of A. J. Grout and especially R. Schuster. Many figures derive from my own illustrations, and some were drawn for the Glossary itself. The intention was to ultimately make arrangements for citations and permissions, or at least acknowledgements of sources. There was, apparently, no time to make such arrangements.


To have made all original drawings for the Glossary would have required resources that I did not have in the 1980’s.


It had been a privilege to prepare these plates for the IAB glossary, and the Latin entries—I am only sorry that the drawings were not used.


P. M. Eckel



Hepatic anatomy

Hepatic anatomy 2

Hepatic habits

Hepatics cells

Hepatics sporophytes

Hepatics sporophytes 2

Moss areolation

Moss capsules

Moss details

Moss general morphology

Moss habits

Moss habits 2

Moss habits 3

Moss habits 4

Moss leaf apices

Moss leaf papillae

Moss leaf sections

Moss leaves

Moss leaves 2

Moss peristomes

Moss sections leaves

Moss sexuality

Moss spores