Res Botanica




Contributions by P. M. Eckel




    G. W. Clinton's Botanical Journal 1862-1875
     (Botanical Index to the Journal)

    Correspondence of G. W. Clinton 1865-1878
    E. Atwater, P. von Kühlewein,
    J. W. Grosvenor,
    P. MacOwan, C. Mohr, C. Peck,
    R. Waterbury, M. L. Wilson, E. J. Pickett,
    E. Tuckerman, H. Willey, and others 

    C. D. Marshall, Corresponding Secretary,
    Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences,
    1863 - 1869

   The Graves of G. W. Clinton and Family

   Charles A. Clinton and DeWitt Clinton,
   Sons of George W. Clinton

The history of the development of American botany is reflected in the archives of George W. Clinton, of Buffalo, New York, son of Governor DeWitt Clinton.