Res Botanica




Contributions by R. H. Zander




    Deconstructing Reconstruction: When
    are the results of parsimony and
    statistical phylogenetic analysis
    genuine advances?

    Comments on the Phylocode

    The Number of Gene Trees Necessary
    for Probabilistic Reconstruction of the
    Species Tree

    A Phylogrammatic Evolutionary Analysis

    of the Moss Genus Didymodon in North

    America North of Mexico


    Randset: a MS-DOS Executable

    Program for Creating Random Data Sets


    Minimal Values for Reliability of Bootstrap

    and Jackknife Proportions, Decay Index,

    and Bayesian Posterior Probability


    Silk Purse Spreadsheet (Bayes and

    Clade Support Analysis)


    Whither Molecular Phylogenetic


    Unaccounted Assumptions


    Tables for Approximation of Confidence

    Intervals from Bootstrap and Decay Index


    Reliability of Overall Convergence

    Relationships in Cladophenograms


    Web Supplement: Nine Easy Steps for

    Constructing Reliable Trees from

    Published Phylogenetic Analyses


    A Comment on Reliability of

    Molecular Trees


    Morphological Data Set from

    Genera of the Pottiaceae: Mosses

    of Harsh Environments



The analysis of evolutionary relationships has burgeoned in the past three decades with the computer-aided enhancement of new methods of analysis and the discovery of information on relationships from DNA.



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"Thus, if you know the both the branch length and reliability value for internodes, you can gauge the binominal CI…"