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Contributions by R. H. Zander




    Glycerin Jelly as a Substitute for Hoyer's
    Solution Mountant

    Glycerin Jelly as a Substitute for Hoyer's
    Solution Mountant–Revisited

    Water Glass and Glycerin Microscope
    Slide Mounting Medium

    Four water-soluble mounting media
Description: NewAnim

    Inexpensive, Nonfading Permanent Ink
    Ballpoint Pens

    100,000-Hour Rated LED Lamp for
    Dissecting Microscope

    Fixing Crippled PDFs

    The Zetetoscope, a new instrument
    for taxonomy

    The Informal Persistent Locator,
    an Alternative to the DOI

    The BS Detector

    Running Sigmas Calculator

There are always better ways to do something technical, and botanists are as inventive as anyone else.

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"Take a strip of glycerin jelly and pinch off a portion…"