MBG curator Henk van der Werff helping to curate specimens at MBG’s field station in Oxapampa, Peru
MBG curator Henk van der Werff helping to identify
specimens at MBG’s field station in Oxapampa, Peru


Development of infrastructure and improvement of research and conservation capabilities: Without adequate infrastructure, in-country institutions are unable to effectively research and document the plant resources of their countries or to participate in regional, national, and international research and conservation efforts. MBG provides several kinds of support to help these institutions conduct meaningful botanical research and conservation work that will contribute to preserving these resources:

  • Support for institutional infrastructure such as construction or remodeling of herbarium facilities, herbarium cabinets, mounting paper, computers, GPS equipment, cameras, collecting presses, and field equipment
  • Assistance to institutional libraries by providing bibliographic materials, both those published by MBG Press and other relevant publications
  • Support for curation of herbaria in the countries where we work by providing determinations of plant specimens, both for the collections resulting from collaborative projects and for other collections. MBG encourages its scientific staff to curate local herbaria when they conduct fieldwork in other countries.
  • Repatriation of information and data sharing
  • Support for conservation planning by providing results of analyses of scientific data

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