BFNA Title: Neomacounia
Author: I. Sastre de Jesús 
Date: August 24, 2008
Edit Level: R 
Version: 1

Bryophyte Flora of North America, Provisional Publication
Missouri Botanical Garden

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XX. NEOMACOUNIA Ireland, Bryologist 77: 453--459. 1974   * [For John Macoun, 1831--1920, Canadian botanist and explorer]


Plants small to medium sized. Stems creeping, sparsely branched; flagelliform branches absent. Paraphyllia absent. Pseudoparaphyllia absent or scarce. Stem and branch leaves erect, imbricate, concave, symmetric to asymmetric, some finely plicate, ovate to oblong-ovate, apex abruptly acute to acuminate; margins serrulate to serrate at apex; costa none, short-double, or rarely single; apical cells irregularly rhomboidal, pitted, distal medial cells irregularly long-rhomboidal, basal cells irregularly rectangular, pitted, alar cells quadrate to oblong. Inner perichaetial leaves oblong to obovate-oblong, sheathing at base, apex acute; margins entire; costa single. Sexual condition autoicous. Seta 0.4-0.5 mm. Capsule erect, globose; peristome single, exostome teeth narrowly lanceolate, slightly striate at base, smooth distally. Calyptra cucullate, smooth. Spores globose, ovoid or ellipsoid, 24--28 \um.


Species 1: North America (Ontario).


Neomacounia, a monotypic genus, was originally described to accommodate a species originally placed in Forsstroemia. R. R. Ireland (1974) used nine characters, namely of capsule, seta, calyptra, branchlets, costa, leaves, distal and basal leaf cells, and pseudoparaphyllia, to support the placement of this genus in the Neckeraceae.


SELECTED REFERENCES: Ireland, R. R. 1974. Neomacounia, a new genus in the Neckeraceae (Musci) from Canada. Bryologist 77: 453--459.


1. Neomacounia nitida (Lindberg) Ireland, Bryologist 77: 453--459. 1974


Forsstroemia nitida Lindberg, Oefvers. Förh. Finska Vetensk.-Soc. 12(2): 73. 1869; Leptodon nitidus (Lindberg) Sullivant


Plants 6 cm. Stem and branch leaves 0.6--1.9 x 0.4--1.0 mm; distal medial cells 23--42 x 5--9 \um.


Neomacounia was originally collected from trunks of elm trees in Ontario. It is listed as an endangered species and may be extinct.