Eucladium verticillatum (Musci) second Ontario station
P. M. Eckel
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Originally published in Evansia 7(1): 15. 1990.

Republished with permission.


Eucladium verticillatum (Musci) second Ontario station


P. M. Eckel


The first collections of the moss Eucladium verticillatum (Brid.) B.S.G. for Ontario were made by C.E. Garton (CANM!) from the Thunder Bay District, Sibley Peninsula, Nos. 2984 & 4310.

The present collections represent the known northeastern range limits of the species, which has its major expression in west to southwestern areas of North America (although there is a literature report for the Northwest Territories by Ireland, et al., 1987). Brassard (1983) has excluded the species from the Newfoundland flora.  Eucladium verticillatum is often confused with Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dix., which is more frequent in similar habitats, often growing mixed with Didymodon tophaceus. Extensive exposures of seepy limestone-dolomite strata along the Niagara escarpment in Ontario and New York State (where the species has not yet been reported) should support additional populations ofE. verticillatum. I would like to thank R. H. Zander for verifying these specimens.


Eucladium verticillatum (Brid.) B.S.G. - Canada, Ontario, Regional Municipality of Niagara, City of Niagara Falls; dolomite limestone gorge with limestone, sandstone and shale interbeds, western slope with shade in the late afternoon:


a) Niagara Glen (Foster's Flats), base of gorge of the Niagara River; a) Rich bottomland forest area. In seepage, on and sheltered by calcareous ledges, associated taxa: Fissidens grandifrons, Cratoneuron filicinum, Didymodon tophaceus, P. M. Eckel, 19 February 1983, No. NF5 (BUF, CANM), No. NF12 (BUF).


b) base of dolomite caprock, just S of the whirlpool of the Niagara River, exposed face of sheer dolomite in sheet-seepage, associated taxa: Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Amblystegium tenax, Didymodon tophaceus, Gymnostomum aeruginosum; P. M. Eckel, 2 May 1987, No. 8706231 (BUF).




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Clinton Herbarium, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo. New York. 14211.