Niagara Issues - Forebay
P. M. Eckel
Res Botanica
Missouri Botanical Garden
March 18, 2003

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Niagara Issues - Forebay


Groundwater running along the same or similar bedding planes of geological strata in the lower (downstream) end of the gorge of the Niagara River may be expected to also run into the forebay at the power generating facility of the New York Power Authority, excavated along the gorge face. Seepage displayed here, frozen in early March, would run perpendicular to that in the gorge caprock: here flowing south, but flowing westward into the west-facing or American side of the gorge. These pictures were taken from the parking lot of the Power Vista just north of Niagara University, March 2003. Artpark, the NYPA forebay, and reservoir and Devil's Hole State Park all occur in the town of Lewiston, New York in Niagara County. Forebay, the Reservoir and Devil's Hole occur above the north-facing, east-west oriented Niagara Escarpment.









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