Correspondence of Charles Mohr and G. W. Clinton
Edited by P. M. Eckel
Res Botanica
Missouri Botanical Garden
July 22, 2003
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The Correspondence of

Charles (Carl) Theodore Mohr (1824‑1901) and

George William Clinton (1807‑1885)





Vol. 11 no. 26 [J 254]

Mobile Aug. 12th 1875 George W. Clinton Esqr.

Esteemed friend!


Over six months have passed since I received your kind last lines with the intresting mosses from Miss Wilson, and I find myself guilty in having neglected up to this moment to reply to the same. From week to week and month to month I have defered [sic] the discharge of what I always regard as an agreeable duty hoping to be able to send with my reply a package that might please you, but with the best will I have not been able to carry out my intention. ‑ I have received also several times Newspapers from you, containing communications from your pen which I have read with great interest. I appreciate most gratifully these evidences of finding myself still friendly remembred by you and Miss Wilson. ‑ I can scarcly do anything in botany now, the pressure of the times with all attendant wears and cares, and a worse state of my health have deprived me to a extent of the pleasures in which I found so much delightful recreation a few short years ago; If the future will bring them back to me again is hard to say. ‑


A few days past I recieved finally the last determinations of my mexican phanogams, now that the greater part of them is satisfactorily named come in my posession again, I hope to be able to make up a smal set for your society. I am only sorry to state that I have not so many duplicates for you as I wish. I think I will be ready to send it in a few weeks from now. ‑


Please give my best respects to Miss Wilson; Hoping to hear from you soon I remain very truly



Chas Mohr P.S.


Have you ever heard any thing about the mexican Cyperaceae; if with the collections of the late Dr. Torrey in the herbarium of Columbia College there might be a chance yet to have them determined.


Rec'd May 18.



Vol. 11 no. 38 [J 242]

Mobile June 6th, 1875 Dear friend!


The day before yesterday I sent you per Express a package of Mexican plants which I hope will have come to your hands by this time. ‑


The package is not so large as I did wish it to be; still I would not delay in sending it off any longer in the hope to make it larger; what only could have been done by going over the whole of my Herbarium, particularly as I at the present can not say how many or how few dupplicates (sic) I might find there. ‑


Small as my chances are to make collection I stil cherish the hope to send you once and a while something from this region that might intrest and please you and keep alive our intercourse upon which I look back with so much genuine pleasure. ‑ Please remember me to Miss Wilson. ‑


Hoping that these lines will find you in the enjoyement of the best of health I remain as ever


truly yours

Chas. Mohr Hon. G. W. Clinton Esqr.




The determinations of the plants are, where not otherwise stated on the label, by Mr. Thos. Meehan. There are some very doubtful ones yet in the collection, should I receive any future information of such I shall give you notice of it, v.i. Lindairia [?], species of Allocarpus, some Piperaceae and Malpighiaceae, and Rubiaceae. ‑


Rec'd June 11


[There is a Lindenia in the Rubiaceae with two species from Mexico reported by Bentham and Hooker.]



Vol. 11 no. 43 [J 236]

Mobile June 24th, 1875. G. W. Clinton.

Esteemed friend!


I hope that you have duly received my last letter and pakage [sic] I send you some weeks ago. ‑


To day I received the inclosed letter for you from one of my european correspondents. ‑ I enclose with this a very peculiar fungus, a perfect enigma to me; I received it from a friend who was struck by its appearance, he says it springs up over night and covers more less extended patches upon old pine logs. ‑


I am anxious to learn what you make of it. ‑


I remain very truly


Chas Mohr Rec'd June 30