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These are papers by other authors that are particularly relevant to the evolutionary and taxonomic research presented on Res Botanica


Arts, T. 2001. A revision of the Splachnobryaceae (Musci). Lindbergia 26: 77–96.


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Quine, W. V. 1966. On simple theories of a complex world. The Ways of Paradox. Random House, New York. [Note by RHZ: Quine’s cautions about simplicity also may apply to certain aspects of statistical phylogenetics, even when probabilities are high, given certain assumptions about the model, like independence of data.]

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Rachootin, S. P. & K. S. Thomson. 1981. Epigenetics, paleontology, and evolution. Pp. 181-193, in G. G. E. Scudder & J. L. Reveal (eds.), Evolution Today, Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carneigie-Melon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



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