Richard H. Zander
Version August 17, 1999
Res Botanica, Missouri Botanical Garden
May 1, 2003

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Randset.zip  23783 bytes

This is an MS DOS executable program saved in a .zip archive file for evolutionary scientists (and other curious people). It generates random data files for phylogenetic analysis, suitable for sampling studies. The pseudorandom generator is seeded by timing data from your computer clock.


Choose any numbers from 0 (or 1) up to 9 for character states, and up to 3267 OTU's and 3267 characters. For a molecular data set, change 4 character state numbers to A, C, G, T.


Click on Randset above to download the .zip file. Run this in a DOS box in Windows by clicking on the filename randset.exe in Windows Explorer. It creates a simple data file with each taxon character set in its own paragraph; you have to move the paragraphs into a .nex file yourself and name them.


Want the C++ source code? Click here.