An Economic Botany Collection
Richard H. Zander
July 21, 2006
Res Botanica, a Missouri Botanical Garden Web Site





A bombilla, a gourd with its silver (tarnished) straining straw for sipping. Used for drinking maté (Ilex paraguayensis) in South America.


Cocoa beans, Samoan. Theobroma cacao. General Cocoa Co., N.Y. 1972.


Cocoa butter. Theobroma cacao, General Cocoa Co., N.Y. 1972.


Teaching kit from Nestlé company.


Roasted coffee, Coffea arabica. Hills Bros., San Francisco, Calif.


Hyssop Tea, Hyssopus officinalis, Mother Earth Herbs, Cleveland, Ohio, 1971.


Yerba Maté tea.


Mexican Sarsaparilla, Smilax aristolochiaefolia, Liliaceae. Roots used for a kind of root beer.


A hygrometer for determining the proof of alcoholic beverages.


Yerba Santa tea, Eriodictyon glutinosa, expectorant tea.


Kola Nuts, Meer Corp., N.J., or Cola Nuts. Cola acuminata, Sterculiaceae. Contain caffeine.


Kava-kava, Piper methysicum, hypnotic root.


Buchu leaves, Barosma sp., Rutaceae. Alvita Teas, 1971.


Jamaica,” Hibiscus sabdarifta, Mexico City, 1972. Flowers for a tea.