2003 Annual Meeting of the New York State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation

Bonnie Castle Inn, Alexandria Bay, New York

R. Zander

Missouri Botanical Garden

Res Botanica

February 7, 2003

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2003 Annual Meeting of the New York State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation

Bonnie Castle Inn, Alexandria Bay


The New York Chapter of the American Chestnut Society is devoted to reintroducing the American Chestnut into our forests. This tree was largely killed off by a blight in the 1930's, but breeding experiments and genetic modifications may well be able to produce a tree identical with this tall timber tree with sweet nuts. Anyone interested in trees, forests, nature and the environment can join this effort, which involved everyone in the process of growing young trees for this grand project.


If you are interested in joining, contact Mr. Herbert Darling, Herbert F. Darling, President, Darling Construction Engineering, 131 California Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221, 716-632-1125, or Mr. Stanley Wursig, 3747 River Rd., Youngstown, NY 14174, 716-745-7772.



This is a photo gallery of some of the interesting people and events of the 2003 annual meeting of TACFNY at Alexandria Bay in northern New York State.


Bonnie Castle Resort seen from the St. Lawrence River


At the talks. There are always interesting slide shows and demonstrations at the Chestnut meetings.


Chapter President Herb Darling and Roy Hopke make announcements.


Dr. Charles Maynard gives the annual review of his laboratory's research on the genetics of the virulent fungus that infects the American Chestnut.


Dr. Thomas Horton gives a talk on symbiotic fungi that trees actually need to survive and compete in the wild.


Everybody enjoys a good slide show in good company.


Some of those attending R. Zander's annual Chestnut Identification demonstration.


The St. Lawrence River is wide at the Bonnie Castle Inn area.


The harbors near the resort are picturesque.


The highlight of the program was a tour of the river and Boldt Castle via the Resort's own tour boat, the paddle-wheeler Bonnie Belle.


We had a good riverboat captain to guide us past the shoals and rocky headlands.


The shoreline of the St. Lawrence was crowded with fancy houses.


Even the islands were chock full of mansions and summer retreats.


The famous Boldt Castle was our one stop on the river trip.


It sure was impressive. This fanciest of river mansions  is open to the public during the summer months.


The towers were mediaeval in appearance.


An outbuilding at water's edge looks like it belongs in England.


At the end of any Chestnut meeting one is sure to find a groaning table of good food.


For more information, attend the next meeting. Contact Stan or Herb for more information. See addresses and phone numbers above.