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Bryophyte Flora of North America


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NEW Guide for Contributors March 2008

Vol. 29: We are doing at least one species per genus, and 1 out of every 6 for large genera, whether these are illustrated elsewhere or not. Many cannot afford Schuster’s works, and FNA illos will help.

Authors should read the Main Help File for Vol. 29, Liverworts and Hornworts.

All traits in key must be in the descriptions.

All characters in the descriptions must be parallel.

All characters that are in the family can’t be mentioned exactly the same in the genus description, ditto for genus and species descriptions.

Use \um for µm.

Use two hyphens -- instead of en dash between numbers meaning “to”.

Always use length times width, not vice versa.

More helpful material:

Character List for Hepatics and Hornworts

Elevations and how to state them. New info on the distribution paragraph.

Format, Order and Abbreviations for Geographic Distribution

Utterly Simplified Cookbook Method and Overview

How to Write a Description of a Family of Only One Genus, or of a Genus of Only One Species

Where is Nunavut? (The new east part of N.W.T.)

Online Gazetteers and Other Links

• Older literature, see:


List of Major Floras and Checklists

Some Authority Names for FNA

Accepted Names of Mosses and Hepatics (old correct names to be accounted for by all authors)



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