Richard H. Zander
October 24, 2001

Bryophyte Flora of North America, Provisional Publication
Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14211 USA

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The Bryophyte Flora of North America electronically publishes treatments that have been peer-reviewed and are formatted for eventual publication in hardcopy by Oxford University Press as volumes 27, 28 and 29 of the Flora of North America North of Mexico. This is called "Provisional Publication" but is equivalent to publication in a regular scientific journal printed on paper. Minor corrections, additions and other modifications are allowed to the electronic manuscripts, and significant changes are published as new versions.

Regarding the header portion:

BFNA Title: (title)
Author: (author)
Date: (of publication)
Edit Level: (Q means not yet technically edited; R means technically edited and essentially finished)
Version: (earlier versions are archived and can be requested from the Lead Editor)

The correct way to cite an electronic Web publication is to give: Author, Date, Title (e.g. Genusname, Bryophyte Flora of North America, Provisional Publication), Publishing institution (in this case the Buffalo Museum of Science), Date of publication, URL, Date actually viewed.

Readers who have comments, corrections or additions to the treatments should contact the author(s) or Richard Zander, Lead Editor ( Such comments are welcome, especially those concerned with geographic distribution of the taxa.