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Bryophyte Flora of North America


This is a short list of the taxonomic treatments on this Web site.

Inasmuch as all these treatments have been peer-reviewed, they may be considered publications at a level of scientific acceptability equivalent to those published in hardcopy scientific journals.



FNA Volume 27: Published. For online version, see eFloras, also reprints. Also see for a Spanish translation by Juan Larrain of the Economic Uses chapter.

FNA Volume 28: Treatments are in press, and hardcopy will appear Aug. 10, 2014.


Help file for authors of FNA Volume 29


FNA Volume 29

Arnelliaceae (Arnellia)

Aytoniaceae (Asterella

, Reboulia)

Cephaloziaceae (Cladopodiella

, Schofieldia)

Chonecoleaceae (Chonecolea)

Gymnomitriaceae (Prasanthus


Haplomitriaceae (Haplomitrium)

Herbertaceae (Herbertus)

Jungermanniaceae (Cryptocolea, Gymnocolea, Jamesoniella, Jungermannia, Leiocolea, Liochlaena,  Lophozia,  Mylia, Nardia, Plectocolea,  Schistochilopsis, Solenostoma, Tritomaria)

Lejeuneaceae (Ceratolejeunea)

Mastigophoraceae (Mastigophora)

Metzgeriaceae (Apometzgeria,  Metzgeria)

Pallaviciniaceae (Moerckia,  Pallavicinia)

Porellaceae (Ascidiota, Porella)

Pseudolepicoleaceae (Pseudolepicolea)

Ptilidiaceae (Ptilidium)

Riellaceae (Riella)

Scapaniaceae (Diplophyllum, Douinia)

Sphaerocarpaceae (Sphaerocarpus)

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