Complied by M. Crosby, slightly reorganized by R. Zander

3 Oct. 2000


These are names that have been used as "correct" names in the past in North American bryological literature. All should appear somewhere in the Bryophyte Flora of North America (vols. 27-29 of FNA), either in synonymy or as correct names. No other names should appear in synonymy except basionyms or certain names very recently relegated to synonymy (that is, do not include European names, for example, that have only been recognized as "correct" in European literature). Editors will delete from synonymy any names that are not on this list (except the obvious basionym or recent synonym). Note: the authorities of these names are often NOT properly abbreviated for the FNA.


HEPATICS, 747 names


Acrobolbus ciliatus (Mitten) Schiffner

Anastrepta orcadensis (W. J. Hooker) Schiffner

Anastrophyllum assimile (W. J. Hooker) Stephani

Anastrophyllum donianum (W. J. Hooker) Stephani

Anastrophyllum helleranum (Nees) R. M. Schuster

Anastrophyllum michauxii (Weber) H. Buch ex Evans

Anastrophyllum minutum (Schreber in Cranz) R. M. Schuster

Anastrophyllum minutum var. grandis (Lindberg) R. M. Schuster

Anastrophyllum minutum (Schreber in Cranz) R. M. Schuster var. minutum

Anastrophyllum saxicola (Schrader) R. M. Schuster

Anastrophyllum sphenoloboides R. M. Schuster

Anastrophyllum tenue H. Williams

Aneura ledermannii Stephani

Aneura pinguis (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Anomomarsupella cephalozielloides R. M. Schuster

Anthelia julacea (Lightfoot) Dumortier

Anthelia juratzkana (Limpricht) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Anthoceros adscendens Lehmann & Lindenberg

Anthoceros carolinianus Michaux

Anthoceros donnellii Austin

Anthoceros fusiformis Austin

Anthoceros laevis Linnaeus

Anthoceros macounii M. A. Howe

Anthoceros meridionalis Stephani

Anthoceros punctatus Linnaeus

Apometzgeria pubescens (Schrank) Kuwahara

Apotreubia nana (Hattori & H. Inoue) Hattori & Mizutani

Arnellia fennica (Gottsche) Lindberg

Ascidiota blepharophylla C. Massalongo

Ascidiota blepharophylla subsp. alaskana Steere & R. M. Schuster

Asterella bolanderi (Austin) Underwood

Asterella californica (Hampe) Underwood

Asterella elegans (Sprengel) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Asterella gracilis (Weber) Underwood

Asterella lindenbergiana (Corda) Lindberg

Asterella ludwigii Underwood

Asterella palmeri (Austin) Underwood

Asterella saccata (Wahlenberg) Evans

Asterella tenella (Linnaeus) Palisot de Beauvois

Athalamia hyalina (Sommerfeldt) Hattori

Barbilophozia atlantica (Kaalaas) K. Müller

Barbilophozia attenuata (Nees in Martius) Loeske

Barbilophozia barbata (Schreber) Loeske

Barbilophozia binsteadii (Kaalaas) Loeske

Barbilophozia cavifolia (H. Buch & S. Arnell) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Barbilophozia floerkei (Weber & D. Mohr) Loeske

Barbilophozia floerkei (Weber & D. Mohr) Loeske var. floerkei

Barbilophozia hatcheri (Evans) Loeske

Barbilophozia hyperborea (R. M. Schuster) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Barbilophozia kunzeana (Hübener) Gams

Barbilophozia lycopodioides (Wallroth) Loeske

Barbilophozia quadriloba (Lindberg) Loeske

Barbilophozia quadriloba var. collenchymatica (R. M. Schuster) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Barbilophozia quadriloba var. glareosa (E. Jo|/rgensen) Lammes in T. Koponen, Isoviita & Lammes

Barbilophozia quadriloba (Lindberg) Loeske var. quadriloba

Bazzania ambigua (Lindenberg) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Bazzania denudata (Torrey ex Lindenberg) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Bazzania nudicaulis Evans

Bazzania pearsonii Stephani

Bazzania tricrenata (Wahlenberg) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Bazzania trilobata (Linnaeus) S. Gray

Bazzania trilobata var. depauperata (K. Müller) Grolle

Bazzania trilobata (Linnaeus) S. Gray var. trilobata

Blasia pusilla Linnaeus

Blepharostoma arachnoideum M. A. Howe

Blepharostoma trichophyllum (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Blepharostoma trichophyllum subsp. brevirete (Bryhn & Kaalaas) R. M. Schuster

Blepharostoma trichophyllum (Linnaeus) Dumortier subsp. trichophyllum

Brachiolejeunea bahamensis Evans

Brachiolejeunea corticalis (Lehmann & Lindenberg) Schiffner

Bucegia romanica Radian

Calycularia laxa Lindenberg & S. Arnell

Calypogeia fissa (Linnaeus) Raddi

Calypogeia fissa (Linnaeus) Raddi subsp. fissa

Calypogeia fissa subsp. neogaea R. M. Schuster

Calypogeia integristipula Stephani

Calypogeia muelleriana (Schiffner) K. Müller

Calypogeia muelleriana subsp. blomquistii R. M. Schuster

Calypogeia muelleriana (Schiffner) K. Müller subsp. muelleriana

Calypogeia neesiana (C. Massalongo & Carestia) K. Müller

Calypogeia peruviana Nees & Montagne

Calypogeia sphagnicola (H. Arnell & J. Persson) Warnstorf & Loeske

Calypogeia suecica (H. Arnell & J. Persson) K. Müller

Calypogeia sullivantii Austin

Calypogeia trichomanis (Linnaeus) Corda

Caudalejeunea lehmanniana (Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees) Evans

Cephalozia affinis Lindberg ex Stephani

Cephalozia bicuspidata (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Cephalozia bicuspidata subsp. ambigua (A. Massalongo) R. M. Schuster

Cephalozia bicuspidata (Linnaeus) Dumortier subsp. bicuspidata

Cephalozia bicuspidata subsp. lammersiana (Hübener) R. M. Schuster

Cephalozia bicuspidata subsp. otaruensis (Stephani) Hattori

Cephalozia catenulata (Hübener) Lindberg

Cephalozia connivens (Dickson) Lindberg

Cephalozia connivens var. bifida R. M. Schuster

Cephalozia connivens var. compacta (Warnstorf) Nichols

Cephalozia connivens (Dickson) Lindberg var. connivens

Cephalozia lacinulata J. B. Jack ex Spruce

Cephalozia leucantha Spruce

Cephalozia loitlesbergeri Schiffner

Cephalozia lunulaefolia (Dumortier) Dumortier

Cephalozia macounii (Austin) Spruce

Cephalozia macrostachya Kaalaas

Cephalozia macrostachya subsp. australis R. M. Schuster

Cephalozia macrostachya Kaalaas subsp. macrostachya

Cephalozia pleniceps (Austin) Lindberg

Cephalozia pleniceps var. caroliniana R. M. Schuster

Cephalozia pleniceps (Austin) Lindberg var. pleniceps

Cephalozia pleniceps var. sphagnorum (C. Massalongo) E. Jo|/rgensen

Cephaloziella arctica Bryhn & C. Douin

Cephaloziella arctica var. alpina R. M. Schuster

Cephaloziella arctica Bryhn & C. Douin var. arctica

Cephaloziella biloba (Lindberg in Spruce) K. Müller

Cephaloziella brinkmanii C. Douin

Cephaloziella byssacea Warnstorf

Cephaloziella byssacea var. scabra

Cephaloziella dentata (Raddi) Migula

Cephaloziella divaricata (Smith) Schiffner

Cephaloziella divaricata (Smith) Schiffner var. divaricata

Cephaloziella divaricata var. scabra M. A. Howe

Cephaloziella elachista (J. B. Jack in Gottsche & Rabenhorst) Schiffner

Cephaloziella gracillima C. Douin

Cephaloziella grimsulana (J. B. Jack in Gottsche & Rabenhorst) K. Müller

Cephaloziella grimsulana var. angustiloba (C. Douin) E. Jo|/rgensen

Cephaloziella grimsulana (J. B. Jack in Gottsche & Rabenhorst) K. Müller var. grimsulana

Cephaloziella hampeana (Nees) Schiffner ex Loeske

Cephaloziella hyalina C. Douin

Cephaloziella integerrima (Lindberg) Warnstorf

Cephaloziella massalongii (K. Müller) K. Müller

Cephaloziella minima (Austin ex Pearson) C. Douin

Cephaloziella obliqua C. Douin

Cephaloziella papillosa Schiffner

Cephaloziella patulifolia (Stephani) C. Douin

Cephaloziella phyllacantha (C. Massalongo & Carestia) K. Müller

Cephaloziella rappii C. Douin

Cephaloziella rhizantha Stephani

Cephaloziella rubella (Nees) Warnstorf

Cephaloziella rubella var. arctogena R. M. Schuster

Cephaloziella rubella var. bifida (Schreber ex Schmidel) C. Douin

Cephaloziella rubella var. elegans R. M. Schuster

Cephaloziella rubella (Nees) Warnstorf var. rubella

Cephaloziella rubella var. sullivantii (Austin) K. Müller

Cephaloziella spinicaulis C. Douin

Cephaloziella spinigera E. Jo|/rgensen

Cephaloziella subdentata Warnstorf

Cephaloziella turneri (W. J. Hooker) K. Müller

Cephaloziella uncinata R. M. Schuster

Cephaloziella uncinata var. sphagnicola R. M. Schuster

Cephaloziella uncinata R. M. Schuster var. uncinata

Ceratolejeunea confusa R. M. Schuster

Ceratolejeunea cubensis (Montagne) Schiffner

Ceratolejeunea laetefusca (Austin) R. M. Schuster

Ceratolejeunea rubiginosa Stephani

Chandonanthus filiformis Stephani

Chandonanthus hirtellus (Weber) Mitten

Chandonanthus setiformis (Ehrhart) Lindberg

Cheilolejeunea clausa (Nees & Montagne) Stephani

Cheilolejeunea decidua (Spruce) Evans

Cheilolejeunea evansii (M. S. Taylor) R. M. Schuster

Cheilolejeunea parvula R. M. Schuster ex Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Cheilolejeunea polyantha Evans

Cheilolejeunea polyantha var. caduciloba R. M. Schuster

Cheilolejeunea polyantha Evans var. polyantha

Cheilolejeunea rigidula (Montagne) R. M. Schuster

Chiloscyphus gemmiparus Evans

Chiloscyphus pallescens (Ehrhart ex G. F. Hoffmann) Dumortier

Chiloscyphus pallescens var. fragilis (A. Roth) K. Müller

Chiloscyphus pallescens (Ehrhart ex G. F. Hoffmann) Dumortier var. pallescens

Chiloscyphus polyanthos (Linnaeus) Corda in Opiz

Chiloscyphus polyanthos (Linnaeus) Corda in Opiz var. polyanthos

Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. rivularis (Schrader) Nees

Chonecolea doellingeri (Nees) Grolle

Cladopodiella fluitans E. Jo|/rgensen

Cladopodiella francisci (W. J. Hooker) E. Jo|/rgensen

Clasmatocolea exigua Stephani

Cololejeunea biddlecomiae (Austin ex Pearson) Evans

Cololejeunea cardiocarpa (Montagne) Stephani

Cololejeunea contractiloba Evans

Cololejeunea cornutissima (R. M. Schuster) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Cololejeunea diaphana Evans

Cololejeunea diaphana var. cristulata R. M. Schuster

Cololejeunea diaphana Evans var. diaphana

Cololejeunea ephemeroides (R. M. Schuster) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Cololejeunea macounii (Spruce ex Underwood) Evans

Cololejeunea minutissima (Smith) Schiffner

Cololejeunea minutissima (Smith) Schiffner subsp. minutissima

Cololejeunea minutissima subsp. myriocarpa (Nees & Montagne) R. M. Schuster

Cololejeunea ornata Evans

Cololejeunea setiloba Evans

Cololejeunea subcristata Evans

Cololejeunea tuberculata Evans

Conocephalum conicum (Linnaeus) Underwood

Corsinia coriandrina (Sprengel) Lindberg

Crossotolejeunea bermudiana Evans

Cryptocolea impricata R. M. Schuster

Cryptomitrium tenerum (W. J. Hooker in Kunth) Austin

Cryptothallus mirabilis Malmborg

Cylindrocolea obliqua (C. Douin) R. M. Schuster

Cylindrocolea rhizantha (Montagne) R. M. Schuster

Diplasiolejeunea rudolphiana Stephani

Diplophyllum albicans (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Diplophyllum andrewsii Evans

Diplophyllum apiculatum (Evans) Stephani

Diplophyllum apiculatum (Evans) Stephani var. apiculatum

Diplophyllum apiculatum var. taxifolioides R. M. Schuster

Diplophyllum imbricatum (M. A. Howe) K. Müller

Diplophyllum microdontum (Mitten) H. Buch

Diplophyllum obtusatum (R. M. Schuster) R. M. Schuster

Diplophyllum obtusifolium (W. J. Hooker) Dumortier

Diplophyllum plicatum Lindberg

Diplophyllum taxifolium (Wahlenberg) Dumortier

Diplophyllum taxifolium var. macrosticta H. Buch

Diplophyllum taxifolium var. mucronatum R. M. Schuster

Diplophyllum taxifolium (Wahlenberg) Dumortier var. taxifolium

Douinia ovata (Dickson) H. Buch

Drepanolejeunea appalachiana R. M. Schuster

Drepanolejeunea sabaliana R. M. Schuster

Dumortiera hirsuta (Swartz) Nees

Dumortiera hirsuta (Swartz) Nees var. hirsuta

Dumortiera hirsuta var. nepalensis (Taylor) Frye & Clark

Fossombronia alaskana Steere & H. Inoue

Fossombronia angulosa (Dickson) Raddi

Fossombronia brasiliensis Stephani

Fossombronia cristula Austin

Fossombronia foveolata Lindberg

Fossombronia hispidissima Stephani

Fossombronia lamellata Stephani

Fossombronia longiseta Austin

Fossombronia pusilla (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Fossombronia wondraczekii (Corda) Dumortier

Frullania arietina Taylor

Frullania asagrayana Montagne

Frullania bolanderi Austin

Frullania brittoniae Evans

Frullania californica (Austin ex Underwood) Evans

Frullania catalinae Evans

Frullania chilcootiensis Stephani

Frullania cobrensis Gottsche ex Stephani

Frullania cucullata Lindenberg & Gottsche

Frullania donnellii Austin

Frullania eboracensis Gottsche

Frullania franciscana M. A. Howe

Frullania gymnotis Nees & Montagne

Frullania inflata Gottsche

Frullania jackii Gottsche

Frullania kunzei Lehmann & Lindenberg

Frullania oakesiana Austin

Frullania obcordata Lehmann & Lindenberg

Frullania plana Sullivant

Frullania riparia Hampe ex Lehmann

Frullania selwyniana Pearson

Frullania squarrosa (Reinwardt, Blume & Nees) Dumortier

Frullania tamarisci (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Frullania tamarisci subsp. asagrayana (Montagne) Hattori in H. Hara

Frullania tamarisci var. asagrayana (Montagne) Hattori

Frullania tamarisci subsp. nisquallensis (Sullivant) Hattori in H. Hara

Frullania tamarisci var. nisquallensis (Sullivant) Hattori

Geocalyx graveolens (Schrader) Nees

Geothallus tuberosus D. Campbell

Gymnocolea acutiloba K. Müller

Gymnocolea inflata (Hudson) Dumortier

Gymnocolea inflata var. heterostipa (Carrington & Spruce in Spruce) K. Müller

Gymnocolea inflata (Hudson) Dumortier var. inflata

Gymnomitrion apiculatum (Schiffner) K. Müller

Gymnomitrion concinnatum (Lightfoot) Corda

Gymnomitrion corallioides Nees

Gymnomitrion crenulatum Gottsche ex Carrington

Gymnomitrion laceratum (Stephani) Horikawa

Gymnomitrion obtusatum (Lindberg) Pearson

Gymnomitrion pacificum Grolle

Gyrothyra underwoodiana M. A. Howe

Haplomitrium hookeri (Smith) Nees

Harpalejeunea ovata (W. J. Hooker) Schiffner

Harpalejeunea ovata subsp. integra R. M. Schuster

Harpalejeunea stricta (Lindenberg & Gottsche in Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees) Stephani

Harpanthus drummondii (Taylor) Grolle

Harpanthus flotovianus (Nees) Nees

Harpanthus scutatus (Weber & D. Mohr) Spruce

Herbertus aduncus (Dickson) S. Gray

Herbertus aduncus (Dickson) S. Gray subsp. aduncus

Herbertus aduncus subsp. tenuis (Evans) H. A. Miller & E. Scott

Herbertus hawaiiensis H. A. Miller

Herbertus himalayanus (Stephani) Herzog

Herbertus stramineus (Dumortier) Lett

Hygrobiella laxifolia (W. J. Hooker) Spruce

Hygrolejeunea alaskana R. M. Schuster & Steere

Jamesoniella autumnalis (A. P. de Candolle) Stephani

Jamesoniella autumnalis (A. P. de Candolle) Stephani var. autumnalis

Jamesoniella autumnalis var. myriocarpa (Brinkman) Frye & Clark

Jamesoniella autumnalis var. nipponica (Hattori) Hattori

Jamesoniella undulifolia (Nees) K. Müller

Jubula pennsylvanica (Stephani) Evans

Jungermannia atrovirens Dumortier

Jungermannia caespiticia Lindenberg

Jungermannia confertissima Nees

Jungermannia crenuliformis Austin

Jungermannia evansii Va|4n|3a

Jungermannia exsertifolia Stephani

Jungermannia exsertifolia var. pendeltonii (Pearson) Va|4n|3a

Jungermannia fossombronioides Austin

Jungermannia gracillima Smith

Jungermannia hyalina Lyell

Jungermannia karl‑muelleri Grolle

Jungermannia karl‑muelleri subsp. heteroicum (R. M. Schuster & Damsholt) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Jungermannia karl‑muelleri Grolle subsp. karl‑muelleri

Jungermannia lanceolata Linnaeus

Jungermannia leiantha Grolle

Jungermannia obovata Nees

Jungermannia polaris Lindberg

Jungermannia pumila Withering

Jungermannia pyriflora Stephani

Jungermannia pyriflora var. innovata (R. M. Schuster & Damsholt) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Jungermannia pyriflora subsp. purpurea (R. M. Schuster & Damsholt) Stotler & Crandall‑Stotler

Jungermannia rubra Gottsche ex Underwood

Jungermannia sphaerocarpa W. J. Hooker

Jungermannia subelliptica (Lindberg ex Heeg) Levier

Jungermannia subulata Evans

Kurzia pauciflora (Dickson) Grolle

Kurzia setacea (G. H. Weber) Grolle

Kurzia sylvatica (Evans) Grolle

Lejeunea autoica R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea blomquistii R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea caespitosa Lindenberg

Lejeunea calcicola R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea calcicola R. M. Schuster var. calcicola

Lejeunea calcicola var. mexicana R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea cardotii Stephani

Lejeunea cavifolia (Ehrhart) Lindberg

Lejeunea cladogyna Evans

Lejeunea flava (Swartz) Nees

Lejeunea flava (Swartz) Nees subsp. flava

Lejeunea floridana Evans

Lejeunea glaucescens Gottsche

Lejeunea glaucescens var. acrogyna R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea glaucescens Gottsche var. glaucescens

Lejeunea glaucescens var. obsoleta R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea laetivirens Nees & Montagne

Lejeunea lamacerina (Stephani) Schiffner

Lejeunea lamacerina subsp. gemminata R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea longifissa Stephani

Lejeunea minutiloba Evans

Lejeunea minutiloba var. heterogyna R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea minutiloba Evans var. minutiloba

Lejeunea pililoba Spruce

Lejeunea ruthii (Evans) R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea spiniloba Lindenberg & Gottsche

Lejeunea ulicina (Taylor) Gottsche

Lejeunea ulicina subsp. bullata (Taylor) R. M. Schuster

Lejeunea ulicina (Taylor) Gottsche subsp. ulicina

Lepidozia filamentosa (Lehmann & Lindenberg) Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees

Lepidozia reptans (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Lepidozia sandvicensis Lindenberg

Leptolejeunea elliptica (Lehmann) Schiffner

Leptoscyphus cuneifolius (W. J. Hooker) Mitten

Leucolejeunea clypeata (Schweinitz) Evans

Leucolejeunea conchifolia Evans

Leucolejeunea unciloba (Lindenberg in Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees) Evans

Leucolejeunea xanthocarpa (Lehmann & Lindenberg) Evans

Lophocolea bidentata (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Lophocolea cuspidata (Nees) Limpricht

Lophocolea cuspidata var. alata K. Müller

Lophocolea cuspidata (Nees) Limpricht var. cuspidata

Lophocolea heterophylla (Schrader) Dumortier

Lophocolea martiana Nees

Lophocolea minor Nees

Lophocolea muricata (Lehmann) Nees

Lopholejeunea muelleriana (Gottsche) Schiffner

Lopholejeunea subfusca (Nees) Schiffner

Lophozia alboviridis R. M. Schuster

Lophozia alpestris (Schleicher in Weber) Evans

Lophozia ascendens (Warnstorf) R. M. Schuster

Lophozia badensis (Gottsche in Rabenhorst & Gottsche) Schiffner

Lophozia badensis var. apiculata R. M. Schuster

Lophozia badensis (Gottsche in Rabenhorst & Gottsche) Schiffner var. badensis

Lophozia bantriensis (W. J. Hooker) Stephani

Lophozia bicrenata (Schmidel) Dumortier

Lophozia capitata (W. J. Hooker) Macoun

Lophozia collaris (Martius) Dumortier

Lophozia elongata Stephani

Lophozia excisa (Dickson) Dumortier

Lophozia excisa var. elegans R. M. Schuster

Lophozia excisa (Dickson) Dumortier var. excisa

Lophozia excisa var. infuscata R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia excisa var. succlenta R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia gillmanii (Austin) R. M. Schuster

Lophozia grandiretis (Lindberg in Kaalaas) Schiffner

Lophozia grandiretis (Lindberg in Kaalaas) Schiffner var. grandiretis

Lophozia grandiretis var. parviretis R. M. Schuster

Lophozia groenlandica (Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees) Macoun

Lophozia guttulata (Lindberg & H. Arnell) Evans

Lophozia heterocolpos (Thedenius) M. A. Howe

Lophozia heterocolpos var. arctica (S. Arnell) R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia heterocolpos var. harpanthoides (Bryhn & Kaalaas in Bryhn) R. M. Schuster

Lophozia heterocolpos (Thedenius) M. A. Howe var. heterocolpos

Lophozia heteromorpha R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia hyperarctica R. M. Schuster

Lophozia incisa (Schrader) Dumortier

Lophozia incisa (Schrader) Dumortier var. incisa

Lophozia incisa var. inermis K. Müller

Lophozia latifolia R. M. Schuster

Lophozia laxa (Lindberg) Grolle

Lophozia longidens (Lindberg) Macoun

Lophozia longidens subsp. arctica R. M. Schuster

Lophozia longidens (Lindberg) Macoun subsp. longidens

Lophozia obtusa (Lindberg) Evans

Lophozia opacifolia Culmann

Lophozia pellucida R. M. Schuster

Lophozia pellucida var. minor R. M. Schuster

Lophozia pellucida R. M. Schuster var. pellucida

Lophozia perssonii H. Buch & S. Arnell

Lophozia polaris (R. M. Schuster) R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia polaris (R. M. Schuster) R. M. Schuster & Damsholt var. polaris

Lophozia polaris var. sphagnorum (R. M. Schuster) R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia porphyroleuca Schiffner

Lophozia quadriloba Evans

Lophozia quadriloba var. collenchymatica R. M. Schuster

Lophozia rubrigemma R. M. Schuster

Lophozia rutheana (Limpricht) M. A. Howe

Lophozia silvicola H. Buch

Lophozia subapiculata R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia sudetica (Nees ex Hübener) Grolle

Lophozia ventricosa (Dickson) Dumortier

Lophozia ventricosa var. confusa R. M. Schuster

Lophozia ventricosa var. grandiretis (H. Buch & S. Arnell in S. Arnell) R. M. Schuster & Damsholt

Lophozia ventricosa var. longiflora (Nees) Macoun

Lophozia ventricosa var. rigida R. M. Schuster

Lophozia ventricosa var. silvicola (H. Buch) E. Jones

Lophozia ventricosa (Dickson) Dumortier var. ventricosa

Lophozia wenzelii (Nees) Stephani

Lophozia wenzelii var. lapponica H. Buch & S. Arnell

Lophozia wenzelii (Nees) Stephani var. wenzelii

Lunularia cruciata (Linnaeus) Dumortier ex Lindberg

Mannia californica (Gottsche in Underwood) L. C. Wheeler

Mannia fragrans (Balbis) Frye & Clark

Mannia pilosa (Hornemann) Frye & Clark

Mannia rupestris Frye & Clark

Mannia sibirica (K. Müller) Frye & Clark

Mannia triandra (Scopoli) Grolle

Marchantia alpestris (Nees) Burgeff

Marchantia domingensis Lehmann & Lindenberg

Marchantia paleacea Bertoloni

Marchantia polymorpha Linnaeus

Marsupella alpina (Gottsche ex Husnot) Bernet

Marsupella arctica (Berggren) Bryhn & Kaalaas

Marsupella boeckii (Austin) Lindberg ex Kaalaas

Marsupella bolanderi (Austin) Underwood

Marsupella brevissima (Dumortier) Grolle

Marsupella commutata (Limpricht) Bernet

Marsupella condensata (Ångström) Lindberg ex Kaalaas

Marsupella emarginata (Ehrhart) Dumortier

Marsupella emarginata var. aquatica (Lindenberg) Dumortier

Marsupella emarginata (Ehrhart) Dumortier var. emarginata

Marsupella emarginata var. latiloba R. M. Schuster

Marsupella funckii (Weber & D. Mohr) Dumortier

Marsupella paroica R. M. Schuster

Marsupella revoluta (Nees) Dumortier

Marsupella sparsifolia (Lindberg) Dumortier

Marsupella sphacelata (Gieseke ex Lindenberg) Dumortier

Marsupella ustulata (Hübener) Spruce ex Pearson

Marsupella ustulata var. sprucei (Limpricht) R. M. Schuster

Marsupella ustulata (Hübener) Spruce ex Pearson var. ustulata

Mastigolejeunea auriculata (Wilson & W. J. Hooker in Drummond) Schiffner

Mastigophora woodsii (W. J. Hooker) Nees

Mesoptychia sahlbergii Evans

Metzgeria angusta Stephani

Metzgeria conjugata Lindberg

Metzgeria crassipilis (Lindberg) Evans

Metzgeria furcata (Linnaeus) Corda

Metzgeria furcata (Linnaeus) Corda var. furcata

Metzgeria furcata var. ulvula Nees

Metzgeria leptoneura Spruce

Metzgeria myriopoda Lindberg

Metzgeria pubescens Raddi

Metzgeria temperata Kuwahara

Metzgeria uncigera Evans

Microlejeunea ulicina (Taylor) Stephani

Microlepidozia sylvatica E. Jo|/rgensen

Moerckia blyttii (Moerck ex Hornemann) Brockmüller

Moerckia flotoviana (Nees) Schiffner

Moerckia hibernica (W. J. Hooker) Gottsche in Rabenhorst

Mylia anomala (W. J. Hooker) S. Gray

Mylia taylorii (W. J. Hooker) S. Gray

Nardia breidleri (Limpricht) Lindberg

Nardia compressa (W. J. Hooker) S. Gray

Nardia geoscyphus (De Notaris) Lindberg

Nardia geoscyphus var. bifida R. M. Schuster

Nardia geoscyphus (De Notaris) Lindberg var. geoscyphus

Nardia insecta Lindberg

Nardia lescurii (Austin) Underwood

Nardia scalaris S. Gray

Nardia scalaris subsp. botryoidea R. M. Schuster

Nardia scalaris S. Gray subsp. scalaris

Neurolejeunea breutelii (Gottsche in Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees) Evans

Notothylas breutelii Gottsche

Notothylas orbicularis (Schweinitz) Sullivant

Nowellia curvifolia (Dickson) Mitten in Godman

Odontoschisma denudatum (Nees in Martius) Dumortier

Odontoschisma denudatum (Nees in Martius) Dumortier var. denudatum

Odontoschisma denudatum var. laevissimum R. M. Schuster

Odontoschisma elongatum (Lindberg) Evans

Odontoschisma gibbsiae Evans

Odontoschisma macounii (Austin) Underwood

Odontoschisma prostratum (Swartz) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Odontoschisma sphagni (Dickson) Dumortier

Oxymitra androgyna M. A. Howe

Oxymitra paleacea Bischoff

Pallavicinia lyellii (W. J. Hooker) S. Gray

Pedinophyllum interruptum (Nees) Kaalaas

Pellia endiviifolia (Dickson) Dumortier

Pellia epiphylla (Linnaeus) Corda in Opiz

Pellia megaspora R. M. Schuster

Pellia neesiana (Gottsche) Limpricht

Peltolepis quadrata (Sauter) K. Müller

Petalophyllum ralfsii (Wilson) Nees & Gottsche

Phaeoceros hallii (Austin) Proskauer

Phaeoceros laevis (Linnaeus) Proskauer

Phaeoceros laevis subsp. carolinianus (Michaux) Proskauer

Phaeoceros laevis (Linnaeus) Proskauer subsp. laevis

Phaeoceros pearsonii (M. A. Howe) Proskauer

Plagiochasma cuneatum Evans

Plagiochasma rupestre (G. Forster) Stephani

Plagiochasma wrightii Sullivant in A. Gray

Plagiochila acanthophylla Gottsche

Plagiochila acanthophylla var. ciliigera (R. M. Schuster) H. Inoue

Plagiochila appalachiana H. Inoue

Plagiochila arctica Bryhn & Kaalaas

Plagiochila arctica Bryhn & Kaalaas var. arctica

Plagiochila arctica var. intermedia R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila arctica var. subarctica (E. Jo|/rgensen) H. Inoue

Plagiochila aspleniformis R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila asplenioides Dumortier

Plagiochila asplenioides Dumortier var. asplenioides

Plagiochila austinii Evans

Plagiochila caduciloba H. L. Blomquist

Plagiochila columbiana Evans

Plagiochila corniculata Dumortier

Plagiochila diffusa Stephani

Plagiochila dubia Lindenberg & Gottsche

Plagiochila dubia Lindenberg & Gottsche var. dubia

Plagiochila dubia var. integrifolia R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila euryphyllon Carl

Plagiochila euryphyllon subsp. echinata (R. M. Schuster) H. Inoue

Plagiochila floridana Evans

Plagiochila hypnoides Lindenberg

Plagiochila invisus R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila ludoviciana Sullivant

Plagiochila miradorensis Gottsche

Plagiochila miradorensis var. convoluta R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila miradorensis Gottsche var. miradorensis

Plagiochila porelloides (Torrey ex Nees) Lindenberg

Plagiochila satoi Hattori

Plagiochila schoefieldiana H. Inoue

Plagiochila semidecurrens (Lehmann & Lindenberg in Lehmann) Lehmann & Lindenberg

Plagiochila semidecurrens var. alaskana (Evans) H. Inoue

Plagiochila semidecurrens (Lehmann & Lindenberg in Lehmann) Lehmann & Lindenberg var. semidecurrens

Plagiochila sharpii H. L. Blomquist

Plagiochila sharpii H. L. Blomquist subsp. sharpii

Plagiochila sharpii subsp. yakusimensis (Hattori) R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila sullivantii Gottsche ex Evans

Plagiochila sullivantii var. spinigera R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila sullivantii Gottsche ex Evans var. sullivantii

Plagiochila undata Sullivant in A. Gray

Plagiochila undata subsp. crispata (Gottsche) R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila undata Sullivant in A. Gray subsp. undata

Plagiochila virginica Evans

Plagiochila virginica var. caroliniana R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila virginica var. euryphylla R. M. Schuster

Plagiochila virginica Evans var. virginica

Pleuroclada albescens (W. J. Hooker) Spruce

Pleuroclada albescens (W. J. Hooker) Spruce var. albescens

Pleuroclada albescens var. islandica (Nees) Spruce

Pleurozia purpurea Lindberg

Porella bolanderi (Austin) Pearson

Porella cordaeana D. Moore

Porella navicularis (Lehmann & Lindenberg in Lehmann) Pfeiffer

Porella pinnata Linnaeus

Porella platyphylla (Schweinitz) Pfeiffer

Porella platyphylla var. platyphylloidea Frye & Clark

Porella platyphylloidea Lindberg

Porella roellii Stephani

Porella swartziana (Weber) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Porella vernicosa Lindberg

Porella vernicosa subsp. faurieri (Stephani) M. Hara

Prasanthus suecicus Lindberg in Lindberg & H. Arnell

Preissia quadrata (Scopoli) Nees

Pseudolepicolea fryei (Persson) Grolle & Ando

Ptilidium californicum (Austin) Underwood

Ptilidium ciliare (Linnaeus) Hampe

Ptilidium pulcherrimum (G. H. Weber) Hampe

Ptychocoleus heterophyllus Evans

Radula auriculata Stephani

Radula australis Austin

Radula bolanderi Gottsche

Radula complanata (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Radula flaccida Lindenberg & Gottsche

Radula mollis Lindenberg & Gottsche

Radula obconica Sullivant

Radula obtusiloba Stephani

Radula obtusiloba subsp. polyclada (Evans) Hattori

Radula prolifera S. Arnell

Radula sullivantii Austin

Radula tenax Lindberg

Radula voluta Taylor

Reboulia hemisphaerica (Linnaeus) Raddi

Rectolejeunea berteroana Evans

Rectolejeunea brittoniae Evans

Rectolejeunea maxonii Evans

Rectolejeunea phyllobola Evans

Riccardia chamedryfolia (Withering) Grolle

Riccardia incurvata Lindberg

Riccardia latifrons Lindberg

Riccardia multifida (Linnaeus) S. Gray

Riccardia multifida var. ambrosioides (Nees) Carrington & Pearson

Riccardia multifida (Linnaeus) S. Gray var. multifida

Riccardia palmata (Hedwig) Carruthers

Riccardia pinguis S. Gray

Riccardia sinuata (W. J. Hooker) Trevisan de Saint‑Léon

Riccia albida Sullivant

Riccia austinii Stephani

Riccia beyrichiana Hampe ex Lehmann

Riccia bifurca G. F. Hoffmann

Riccia californica Austin

Riccia campbelliana M. A. Howe

Riccia canaliculata G. F. Hoffmann

Riccia cavernosa G. F. Hoffmann

Riccia crystallina Linnaeus

Riccia curtisii (Austin) Austin

Riccia dictyospora M. A. Howe

Riccia donnellii Austin

Riccia eldeeniae D. L. Jacobs

Riccia fluitans Linnaeus

Riccia frostii Austin

Riccia glauca Linnaeus

Riccia hirta (Austin) Underwood

Riccia macallisteri M. A. Howe

Riccia membranacea Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees

Riccia nigrella A. P. de Candolle

Riccia ozarkana McGregor

Riccia sorocarpa Bischoff

Riccia sullivantii Austin

Riccia tenella D. L. Jacobs

Riccia trichocarpa M. A. Howe

Riccia violacea M. A. Howe

Ricciocarpos natans (Linnaeus) Corda

Riella affinis M. A. Howe & Underwood

Riella americana M. A. Howe & Underwood

Sauteria alpina (Nees & Bischoff) Nees

Scapania aequiloba (Schwa|2grichen) Dumortier

Scapania americana K. Müller

Scapania apiculata Spruce

Scapania bolanderi Austin

Scapania brevicaulis Taylor

Scapania calcicola (H. Arnell & J. Persson) Ingham

Scapania carinthiaca J. B. Jack ex Lindberg

Scapania compacta (A. Roth) Dumortier

Scapania crassiretis Bryhn

Scapania curta (Martius) Dumortier

Scapania curta (Martius) Dumortier var. curta

Scapania curta var. grandiretis R. M. Schuster

Scapania curta var. isoloba R. M. Schuster

Scapania cuspiduligera (Nees) K. Müller

Scapania cuspiduligera (Nees) K. Müller var. cuspiduligera

Scapania cuspiduligera var. diplophyllopsis R. M. Schuster

Scapania degenii Schiffner ex K. Müller

Scapania degenii Schiffner ex K. Müller var. degenii

Scapania degenii var. dubia R. M. Schuster

Scapania glaucodephala (Taylor) Austin

Scapania gymnostomophila Kaalaas

Scapania hyperborea E. Jo|/rgensen

Scapania invisa R. M. Schuster

Scapania irrigua (Nees) Nees in Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees

Scapania irrigua (Nees) Nees in Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees subsp. irrigua

Scapania irrigua subsp. rufescens (Loeske) R. M. Schuster

Scapania kaurinii Ryan

Scapania ligulifolia R. M. Schuster

Scapania lingulata H. Buch

Scapania lingulata H. Buch var. lingulata

Scapania lingulata var. microphylla (Warnstorf) R. M. Schuster

Scapania massalongi (K. Müller) K. Müller

Scapania mucronata H. Buch

Scapania mucronata H. Buch subsp. mucronata

Scapania mucronata var. polaris R. M. Schuster

Scapania mucronata subsp. praetervisa (Meylan) R. M. Schuster

Scapania mucronata var. praetervisa (Meylan) H. Buch

Scapania nemorea (Linnaeus) Grolle

Scapania nemorosa (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Scapania obcordata (Berggren) S. Arnell in S. Arnell & MÅrtensson

Scapania obscura (H. Arnell & C. E. O. Jensen) Schiffner

Scapania paludicola Loeske & K. Müller

Scapania paludicola Loeske & K. Müller var. paludicola

Scapania paludicola var. rotundiloba R. M. Schuster

Scapania paludicola var. viridigemma R. M. Schuster

Scapania paludosa (K. Müller) K. Müller

Scapania paradoxa R. M. Schuster

Scapania paradoxa R. M. Schuster var. paradoxa

Scapania paradoxa var. ramosa R. M. Schuster

Scapania parvifolia Warnstorf

Scapania perssonii R. M. Schuster

Scapania pulcherrima R. M. Schuster

Scapania saxicola R. M. Schuster

Scapania scandica (H. Arnell & H. Buch) Macvicar

Scapania scandica var. dimorpha R. M. Schuster

Scapania scandica (H. Arnell & H. Buch) Macvicar var. scandica

Scapania serrulata R. M. Schuster

Scapania simmonsii Bryhn & Kaalaas

Scapania spitzbergensis (Lindberg in Lindberg & H. Arnell) K. Müller

Scapania subalpina (Nees ex Lindenberg) Dumortier

Scapania tundrae (H. Arnell) H. Buch

Scapania uliginosa (Lindenberg) Dumortier

Scapania umbrosa (Schrader) Dumortier

Scapania undulata (Linnaeus) Dumortier

Scapania undulata var. aequatiformis De Notaris

Scapania undulata var. oakesii (Austin) H. Buch

Scapania undulata (Linnaeus) Dumortier var. undulata

Schofieldia monticola Godfrey

Solenostoma crenulatum Mitten

Solenostoma crenuliforme Stephani

Solenostoma gracillimum R. M. Schuster

Solenostoma hyalinum Mitten

Solenostoma oblongifolium K. Müller

Solenostoma pumilum K. Müller

Sphaerocarpos cristatus M. A. Howe

Sphaerocarpos donnellii Austin

Sphaerocarpos drewei Wigglesworth

Sphaerocarpos hians Haynes

Sphaerocarpos michelii Bellardi

Sphaerocarpos texanus Austin

Sphenolobopsis pearsonii (Spruce) R. M. Schuster

Targionia hypophylla Linnaeus

Taxilejeunea cladiophora R. M. Schuster

Taxilejeunea obtusangula (Spruce) Evans

Taxilejeunea sharpii R. M. Schuster

Telaranea nematodes (Austin) M. A. Howe

Trichocolea tomentella Dumortier

Tritomaria exsecta (Schmidel ex Schrader) Schiffner ex Loeske

Tritomaria exsectiformis (Breidler) Schiffner ex Loeske

Tritomaria exsectiformis subsp. arctica R. M. Schuster

Tritomaria exsectiformis (Breidler) Schiffner ex Loeske subsp. exsectiformis

Tritomaria heterophylla R. M. Schuster

Tritomaria polita (Nees) E. Jo|/rgensen

Tritomaria polita (Nees) E. Jo|/rgensen subsp. polita

Tritomaria polita subsp. polymorpha R. M. Schuster

Tritomaria quinquedentata (Hudson) H. Buch

Tritomaria quinquedentata var. grandiretis H. Buch & S. Arnell

Tritomaria quinquedentata (Hudson) H. Buch var. quinquedentata

Tritomaria quinquedentata var. turgida (Lindberg in Lindberg & H. Arnell) Weimarck

Tritomaria scitula E. Jo|/rgensen