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Delonix leucantha (R.Vig.) Du Puy, Phillipson & Rabev.

   Synonyms: Poinciana leucantha R.Vig.

Distribution Status: Endemic.

Life Form/Habit: Tree.

Bioclimate: Dry and Subarid. Vegetation Formation: Thicket and Woodland; 0-500m.

Province: MAHA, TOLI.

Protected areas: Bemaraha, Namoroka.

Conservation status: LC.

Type: Perrier de la Bāthie 4760 (HT: P; IT: K, MO, P).

Voucher: G.E. Schatz et al. 3971 (MO, P, TEF).


Infra specific taxa (click taxon name for data, specimen lists and maps):

   subsp. leucantha

   subsp. bemarahensis Du Puy, Phillipson & Rabev.

   subsp. gracilis Du Puy, Phillipson & Rabev.


Perrier de la Bāthie 4760 (P)   
Perrier de la Bāthie 4760 (MO)   
Schatz et al. 3971




 Protected Areas (red) in which
Delonix leucantha has been recorded



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