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The Madagascar Catalogue Project aims to enumerate all native and naturalized vascular plant species in Madagascar. When completed it will comprise an illustrated online database of the entire Vascular Plant flora of Madagascar. Information is provided on the taxonomy, nomenclature, synonymy, geographic distribution, ecology, conservation status and rarity for each accepted species, together with an extensive bibliography and other associated resources. Hypertext links are provided to verified type and voucher specimens, and additional associated information in other online databases. As many species as possible are illustrated with images of type and voucher specimens, and photographs of living plants that are themselves linked to preserved voucher specimens. Plant family circumscriptions in the Madagascar Catalogue generally follow those of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group as presented on the APG Website.

The Missouri Botanical Garden leads the project in collaboration with the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris and other institutional and individual partners. Work on the Catalogue started in 2003, and we plan to complete treatments for all known taxa by 2008. The data currently available are a small subset of the whole, and are presented as an eflora. In addition to the electronic database, we plan to produce a printed version, and to provide printable updates through the website. Specimen imaging has been made possible through our participation in the African Plants Initiative.

The Catalogue integrates published information with the ever-growing specimen base to provide an up-to-date synthesis of the Malagasy flora. We draw extensively on our collective knowledge of the plants themselves, and of the biogeography and ecology of Madagascar, built-up over several decades. We systematically examine new material in all groups to confirm identifications, to search for additional records and possible new species, and to update conservation status assessments. Some groups of vascular plants in Madagascar have been the subject of recent monographs, revisions and floras, and little extra work is necessary to prepare treatments of these for the Catalogue. Others have received very little attention or their taxonomy is inadequate or out-dated. In some cases taxonomic work is now in progress and treatments will be incorporated in the Catalogue as they become available. In others, no complete revision is envisaged before 2008, so we will synthesize the current state of knowledge for the Catalogue.

Comments and suggestions: contact Peter Phillipson or George Schatz.

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We are grateful to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for supporting the Madagascar Catalogue Project

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