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Asteropeia labatii G.E. Schatz, Lowry & A.-E. Wolfe

   Synonyms: Asteropeia micraster H. Hallier var. angustifolia H. Perrier, nomen inval.

Distribution Status: Endemic.

Life Form/Habit: Shrub or tree.

Bioclimate: Subhumid and Subarid. Vegetation Formation: Forest and Woodland; Elevation: 500-2000m.

Province: FIAN, TOLI.

Protected areas: Andringitra, Isalo.

Conservation status: LC.



Type: Labat, Du Puy, & Andriantiana 2411 (HT: P; IT: K, MO, TAN, TEF, WAG).

Voucher: G.E. Schatz et al. 3971 (MO, P, TEF).


Labat et al. 2411   
Labat et al. 3036
Schatz et al. 3971




 Protected Areas (red) in which
Asteropeia labatii has been recorded



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