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Research Staff at MO (Alphabetical)

Click here to see this list by department.

Click on the word webpage in the right-hand column to see each researcher's personal page. E-mails are listed on these pages.

For those without webpages, click on the word e-mail to send a message.

Area code for St. Louis is 314.

Staff MemberOffice Phone 
Michelle Abeln 577-9424 email
Matthew Albrecht 577-0262 webpage
Bruce Allen 577-9510 email
Barbara Alongi 577-9473 x6404 email
Ihsan Al-Shehbaz 577-9556 webpage
Wendy Applequist 577-0267 webpage
Alba Arbelaez 577-9473 x6521 email
John Atwood 577-0235 email
Fred R. Barrie   webpage
Burgund Bassüner 577-9473 x6460 email
Tom Bernickus 577-9480  
Teri Bilsborrow 577-0257 email
Chris Birkinshaw 577-9453 email
Mike Blomberg 577-9473 x6351 email
David Bogler 577-0831 email
Sally Bommarito 577-9480 email
John Brinda 577-0235  
Angela Brinker 577-9403 email
Allison Brock 577-9489 email
Rainer Bussmann 577-9503 webpage
Martin Callmander 577-9453 webpage
Deb Carter 577-9534 email
Tammy Charron 577-5170 email
Rita Chiodini 577-9480  
Steven P. Churchill 577-0271 webpage
Andrew Colligan 577-5158 email
Indiana Coronado   email
Thomas B. Croat 577-5163 webpage
Marshall Crosby 577-5164 webpage
Gerrit Davidse 577-9533 webpage
Jeany Davidse 577-5167 email
Patricia Eckel 577-5180 webpage
Eric Feltz 577-9491 email
Maureen Fischer 577-9450 email
Olga Fomina 577-9480  
Roy Gereau 577-9574 webpage
Michael G. Gilbert 577-0249 email
Ashley Glenn 577-0253 webpage
Peter Goldblatt 577-0249 webpage
Alan Graham 577-9473 x6209 webpage
Shirley Graham 577-9473 x6206 webpage
Michael H. Grayum 577-9519 webpage
Barry Hammel 577-9519 webpage
Si He 577-9543 webpage
Donna Herrera 577-0287 email
Suzanne Hirth 577-0835 email
Peter C. Hoch 577-5175 webpage
Doug Holland 577-0842 email
Victoria Hollowell 577-0862 webpage
Iván Jiménez 577-9473 x6566 webpage
JoAnn Jordan Bartels 577-9480  
Peter Mřller Jřrgensen 577-9411 webpage
Richard Keating 577-0826 webpage
Stephanie Keil 577-5156 email
Kathryn Kennedy 577-9451 email
Fred Keusenkothen 577-9539 email
Katie Konchar 577-0285 email
Carla Kostelac 577-5163 email
Jennifer Kuhl 577-9473 x6259 email
Walter H. Lewis   email
Ronald Liesner 577-9536 email
Quinn Long 577-9473 x6414 webpage
Sandy Lopez 577-9520 email
Porter P. Lowry II 577-9453 webpage
Carlyle Luer 577-9520 email
Robert E. Magill 577-5161 webpage
Renata Mason 577-9473 x287 email
Candy McCandliss 577-9586 email
Mary McDonald 577-9473 x6403 email
Victoria McMichael 577-0842 email
Mary McNamara 577-5169 email
Gordon McPherson 577-9571 webpage
Mary Merello 577-0863 webpage
Karen Meyer Walker 577-9473 x6318 webpage
Gail Milder 577-0810 email
David Montgomery 577-9473 x6520 email
Olga Martha Montiel 577-9412 webpage
Cirri Moran 577-9547 email
Travis Mowers 577-9541 email
Linda Oestry 577-5159 email
Rosa Ortiz-Gentry 577-5171 webpage
Lauren Peters 577-0859 email
Peter B. Phillipson 577-0249 webpage
Bruce Ponman 577-9565 email
Amy Pool 577-9542 webpage
John Pruski 577-0832 webpage
Alyse R. Kuhlman 577-9473 x6214 webpage
Armand Randrianasolo 577-0204 webpage
Peter H. Raven 577-9577 webpage
P. Mick Richardson 577-5176 webpage
Jon Ricketson 577-9572 webpage
Christopher Riggs 577-0235 email
Zachary S. Rogers 577-9462 webpage
Jan Salick 577-5165 webpage
George E. Schatz 577-9512 webpage
Tatyana Shulkina 577-0853 webpage
Adam Smith 577-9473 x6314 webpage
Randy Smith 577-5156 email
James C. Solomon 577-9507 webpage
Anna Spencer 577-9409  
Tariq Stévart   webpage
Peter F. Stevens 577-0861 webpage
W. D. Stevens 577-5103 email
Mary Stiffler 577-5155 email
Sharon Strickland 577-9534 email
Vallery Swift 577-0218 email
Rosemary Tanaka 577-9568 email
Charlotte M. Taylor 577-9436 webpage
Sebastian Tello 577-5100 x846 webpage
Zoltan Tomory 577-5157 email
Andrew Townesmith 577-0833 email
Carmen Ulloa Ulloa 577-5168 webpage
Henk van der Werff 577-5109 webpage
Andrea Voyer 577-9403 x4031 email
Brad Wellman 577-9534 email
Wendy Westmoreland 577-5156 email
Peter S. Wyse Jackson 577-5110 webpage
George Yatskievych 577-9522 webpage
Kay Yatskievych 577-9524 webpage
Richard H. Zander 577-5180 webpage
James L. Zarucchi 577-5162 email
Li-Bing Zhang 577-9454 webpage
Laurel Zimmer 577-9409  


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