Specimen from Collections of N.I.Kusnezow from Siberia

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of Siberia and Far East

Species name:

Aquilegia viridiflora Pall.

Full text of the label:

Herbarium of Re-settlement Department, N.I.Kusnezow, Expedition to Nerchinsk area of Transbaikal region, 1909, Transbaikal region, Nerchinsk area, right bank of the Shilka River (34th verst from Sretensk downstream), 03.VI.1909, No 1915


Kuznetzow N.I.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Russia (Siberia) [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Kusnezow N.I.

Compiler's notes:

The label is printed, with the collection locality and the date written by hand.

Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., 2005