Specimen from Collections of A.F.Middendorf from Siberia

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of Siberia and Far East

Species name:

Spiraea beauverdiana Schneid.

Full text of the label:

Label 1. Sibiria orient., prope Udskoi (Udskoi ostrog [stockaded town]), 01.IX.1844, leg. Middendorf

Label 2. Sibiria orient., ... Schantar (Bolshoi Shantar Island), VIII.1844, leg. Middendorf

Label 3. Sibiria orient., prope Udskoi (Udskoi ostrog), 26.VI.1844, leg. Middendorf

Label 4. Sibiria orient., prope Udskoi (Udskoi ostrog), 26. VI.1844, leg. Middendorf


Middendorf A.F.

Collecting date:

01.IX.1844, VIII.1844, 26.VI.1844

Modern country:

Russia (Far East) [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Trautvetter R.E.

Compiler's notes:

The herbarium sheet is marked with the stamp "Herbarium Trautvetter", which evidences, that the sheet belonged to the collection of R.E.Trautvetter.

Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., 2005