Specimen from Collections of A.I. Schrenk from Middle Asia

Specimen category:


LE section of storage:

Type collections of the section of Middle Asia

Species name:

Geranium schrenkianum Trautv.

Full text of the label:

Chantau, petala minuta, calyce fere breviora, rosea, emarginata.


Schrenk A.I.

Modern country:

Kazakhstan [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Schrenk A.I.

Compiler's notes:

There is an ink stamp "Herbarium of A.Schrenk" on the label.There is a piece of paper on the herbarium sheet with species description in Latin written by A.I.Schrenk.There are two determination on the sheet:1. G. schrenkianum Trautv., Bobrov.2. Geranium schrenkianum Trautv., 19.VIII.2003, M.Novosselova (LE).

Compiler & date:

Novoselova M.S., 2004.