Specimen from Collections of N.V.Schipczinsky from Middle Asia

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of Middle Asia

Species name:

Lappula microcarpa (Ledeb.) Guerke

Full text of the label:

Karsakpaiskaya expedition, year 1929 under the leadership of N.V.Pavlov, Kzyl-Ordynskii National District, middle part of Karsakpaiskii District, road Dzhusaly - Karsakpai, between posts Kosmula - Tyshtykpai, wet upper part of ravine, 20.VI.1929, coll. N.V.Schipczinsky, N 14.


Schipczinsky N.V.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Kazakhstan [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:


Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., 2004.