Specimen from Collections of V.I.Lipsky from Middle Asia

Specimen category:


LE section of storage:

Type collections of the section of Middle Asia

Species name:

Saussurea karategina Lipsky

Full text of the label:

Lipsky: Asia Media, V.I.Lipsky: Central Asia, Bukhara, Karategin, Dzharf, Surkhob sandy riverbed, 5000', 30.VII.1896, V.Lipsky, N 833.


Lipsky V.I.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Tadzhikistan [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Lipsky V.I.

Compiler's notes:

The name Saussurea karategina Lipsky now is treated as a synonym of Pilostemon karategini (Lipsky)Iljin.

Compiler & date:

Cherneva O.V., 2004.