Specimen from Collections of V.L.Komarov from Middle Asia

Specimen category:


LE section of storage:

Type collections of the section of Middle Asia

Species name:

Geranium candidum Kom.

Full text of the label:

Label 1. Flora Seravschanica, fl. Djidjik-rut, ad trajectum Schutur-Gardon-Sigdi, alt. 7-10000 pd., 14.VII.1892, V.L.Komarov.

Label 2. Flora Seravschanica, ad trajectum Badaran, alt. 1000 pd. 16.VII.1892, legit V.L.Komarov.


Komarov V.L.

Collecting date:

14 VII 1892.16 VII 1892.

Modern country:

Tadzhikistan [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Komarov V.L.

Compiler's notes:

There are two specimens mounted on one herbarium sheet, one of which has short description written probably by E.G.Bobrov, the author of genus Geranium treatment in the "Flora of the USSR".There is later determination on the herbarium sheet: "Geranium saxatile Kar. et Kir., 18.VIII.2004, M.Novoselova (LE)", written by M.S.Novoselova.

Compiler & date:

Novoselova M.S., 2004.