Specimen from Collections of S.G.Karelin from Middle Asia

Specimen category:


LE section of storage:

Type collections of the section of Middle Asia

Species name:

Astragalus horizontalis Kar. et Kir.

Full text of the label:

Altai, [1840], Kar.[elin] et Kir.[ilow], coll. n. 1398.


Karelin G.S.

Kirilow I.P.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Kazakhstan [Asia]

Authority of handwriting:

Shshegleev S.S.(?).

Compiler's notes:

This herbarium specimen was designated as lectotype of Astragalus horizontalis Kar. et Kir. by I.A.Gubanov (Herb. Moscou Univ., 1978 :85) (Gubanov I.A., Bagdasarova T.V., Balandina T.P., Nauchnoe nasledie vydajushshikhsya russkikh uchenykh floristov G.S.Karelina i I.P.Kirilowa. Moscou. 1998 : 32). This designation was confirmed later by specialists in the genus Astragalus D.Polech and A.K.Sytin (Podlech, Sytin, 1996 : 158).

Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., 2004.