Specimen from Collections of J.C.Klinge from East Europe

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of East Europe

Species name:

Ceratocephala testiculata (Crantz) Bess.

Full text of the label:

Label 1. Herbarium J.Klinge, Fundort: Ssimbirsk

Label 2. Chwolinsk an der Wolga, 1856, N. v. Seidlitz


Seidlitz N.K.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Russia (European part) [Europe]

Compiler's notes:

The herbarium sheet has 2 labels:one is written on a printed form sheet, with the locality of collection written by hand; the second is, probably, a field label, written by ahnd and signed by N.K.Seidlitz. In addition, there is a printed slip "Herbarium J.Klinge" glued on the sheet.

Compiler & date:

Cherneva O.V., 2005