Collections of N.A.Dessiatoff from Middle Asia

Dates of collection:


Region of collection:

Middle asia: Fergana, Turgayskaya province


Dessiatoff N.A.

Volume of collection:

2'263 specimens from Fergana area, about 5'000 specimens from Turgayskaya province

Income method:

Collected in field expeditions of State Migration Department

LE Section of storage:

Section of Middle Asia. Stored in main funds.


This collection is a part of big collections of State Migration Department.


Lipshits S.Yu. & Vasilchenko I.T. 1968. Tsentralnyi Gerbariy SSSR: istoricheskiy ocherk [Central Herbarium of the USSR: historical abstract]. Leningrad, Nauka.

Compiler & Date:

Roskov Yu.R., 2004

Allium lineare L.

(Representative specimen)

Poa bulbosa L.

(Representative specimen)