Specimen from Collections of A.I.Tolmatchew from East Europe

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of East Europe

Species name:

Papaver radicatum Rottb.

Full text of the label:

A.I.Tolmatchew, Yugorskaya expedition 1921 - A.Tolmatchew, iter Jugoricum 1921, S coast of Yugorskii Shar Strait, between Khabarovo and the mouth of the Oyu River, near cliffs, 18.VIII, No 120


Tolmatchew A.I.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Russia (European part) [Europe]

Authority of handwriting:

Tolmatchew A.I.

Compiler's notes:

The label is written by hand on a printed form-sheet.

Compiler & date:

Cherneva O.V., 2005