Collections of the State Migration Department of the Russian Agricultural Ministry

Dates of collection:


Region of collection:

Siberia, Far East, Middle Asia


Dessiatoff N.A., Fedtschenko B.A., Knorring O.E., Krascheninnikov I.M., Kutscherovskaya, S.E., Minkvitz Z.A., Michelson A.I., Ptashitzki M.I., Rozhevitz R.Yu., Semjagin M.E. & others.

Volume of collection:

200'000-500'000 specimens

Income date to LE:


Income method:

Collected in field expeditions of State Migration Department of the Russian Agricultural Ministry.

LE Section of storage:

Sections of Siberia & Far East and Middle Asia. Stored in main funds.


Most of the specimens set up on special sheets with typographical heading "Hortus Botanicus Imperialis Petropolitanus. Herbarium of the State Migration Department" with the emblem of the Russian Empire on the top.

Many specimens have draft "field label".


Lipshits S.Yu. & Vasilchenko I.T. 1968. Tsentralnyi Gerbariy SSSR: istoricheskiy ocherk [Central Herbarium of the USSR: historical abstract]. Leningrad, Nauka.

Compiler & Date:

Roskov Yu.R., 2004

Dioscorea quinqueloba Thunb.

(Representative specimen)

Dioscorea quinqueloba Thunb.

(Representative specimen)

Fimbriosylis squarrosa Vahl

(Representative specimen)

Lathyrus luteus (L.) Gren.

(Representative specimen)

Lotus krylovii Schischk. & Serg.

(Representative specimen)