Herbarium of Robert Areskine

Dates of collection:

c. 1709

Region of collection:

Eastern Europe: vicinities of Moscow.


Robert Areskine

Volume of collection:

About 100 specimens in LE, another part of the collection is stored in the State Museum 'Kunstkamera'.

Income date to LE:

1889 (income to the Botanical Museum).

Income method:

It was transfered from the 'Kunstkamera' museum to the Botanical Museum Herbarium.

LE Section of storage:

General Section. It is storaged as separate collection.


This is the oldest herbarium collected from Russian area. It was collected by the private doctor of Peter the Great. This collection is known as "Catalogus plantarum circa Moscuam crescentium. Anno 1709. R.Areskine". It has historical interest only.

The plants are mounted on thin paper sheets of a small format (20 x 33 cm) with watermarks, the sheets are placed in flimsies. The plants are collected without roots; are well straightened; are pasted by all surface. Base of plant stems are decorated by cut-outs of decorative vase drawings. There are two variants of vases only. The labels with Latin polynomials are placed above the plants. There are notes on the back of flimsies and mounting sheets. Unmounted specimens are enclosed in some flimsies.

(Notes by YR, 2004)


Lipshits S.Yu. & Vasilchenko I.T. 1968. Tsentralnyi Gerbariy SSSR: istoricheskiy ocherk [Central Herbarium of the USSR: historical abstract]. Leningrad, Nauka.

Compiler & Date:

Yu.R.Roskov, 2004

(Representative specimen)

Belladonna officinalis

(Representative specimen)

Dianthus barbatus L.

(Representative specimen)

Digitalis hortens ssp. purpureus

(Representative specimen)

Erica multiflora

(Representative specimen)

Gramen triglochin ssp. spicarotundra

(Representative specimen)

Origanum officinale

(Representative specimen)

Polygala major fl. rubro

(Representative specimen)