Specimen from Collections of Yu.L.Menitsky and T.N.Popova from Caucasus

Specimen category:

Representative specimen

LE section of storage:

Section of Caucasus

Species name:

Bidens cernua L.

Full text of the label:

Northern Caucasus, Stavropol Territory, vicinity of village Novo-Ispravnaya, gorge of the Malyi Zelenchuk River (left side), Skalistyi Range, 12.VIII.1989, coll. Yu.Menitsky, T.Popova, S.Kuzmenkova, V.Byalt, No 117


Byalt V.V.

Kuzmenkova S.

Menitsky Yu.L.

Popova T.N.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Russia (Caucasus) [Asia]

Compiler's notes:

The label is typed and then multiplied by copying machine.

Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., Cherneva O.V., 2005