Specimen from Collections of W.N.Sukaczew from Siberia

Specimen category:


LE section of storage:

Type collections of the section of Siberia and Far East

Species name:

Calamagrostis lapponica Hartm.

Full text of the label:

Herbarium florae Rossicae, a Museo Botanico Academiae Sc. Petropolitanae editum. Yakutian Region, Olekma area, open birch forest on mountain in upper course of the Tagil River, a tributary of the Cheremnaya River, the latter inflowing into the Tungir River (about 850 metre), 30.VII.1910, coll. W.Sukaczew and G.Poplavskaya, No 2732v


Poplavskaya G.I.

Sukaczew W.N.

Collecting date:


Modern country:

Russia (Siberia) [Asia]

Compiler's notes:

The herbarium sheet is a part of published exsiccata. The label is printed.

Compiler & date:

Raenko L.M., 2005