• Floras, arranged alphabetically by country.   [Back to Top]
  • Australia: West Australia FloraBase.

    Canada: Flora of North America

    China: Flora of China

    United States: Flora of North America. Hawaii

    A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

  • General Systematic/Taxonomic Resources   [Back to Top]
  • DELTA Interactive Keys and Databases.

    Dryad Digital Repository.

    Families of Flowering Plants. The family limits here can be other than those adopted in these pages.

    Field Techniques Used by Missouri Botanical Garden.

    Flowering Plant Gateway.

    Hosts: The Hostplants and Caterpillars Database.

    Index Herbariorum.

    Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum).

    Indices Nominum Supragenericorum Plantarum Vascularium .

    International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (Melbourne Code).

    International Plant Names Index.

    Johansson, J. T. 2013 (and onwards). The Phylogeny of Angiosperms .

    National Cleared Leaf Collecion.

    Plant Genome Database.

    Plant Ontology Consortium.

    USDA-APHIS Concordance of Family Names.

    Vascular Plant Families and Genera (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). Again, family limits here may be other than those adopted in these pages.

    World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

    W3TROPICOS of Missouri Botanical Garden.

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  • Andean Botanical Information System (Choose Plant Families from left pane)

    An Array of Botanical Images - James Reveal

    African Plants - A Photo Guide

    The Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants

    Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium - Southwest Environmental Information Network

    Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants

    Flore et groupements végétaux du sud-ouest Marocain

    Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains

    Botanical Image Database


    Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats

    Connecticut Botanical Society Photo Gallery

    Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar

    Cuticle Database, Penn State University

    A Digital Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador Vascular Plants

    Flora of Europe

    Garden Plant Conservation - NCCPG

    Gardenweek Virtual Visits Archive

    Kurt Stüber Botanical Images

    Len Webb Ecological Images Collection

    National Plant Photographic Index - ANBG

    Noble Plants (Images in Class Notes & Handouts pages)

    The Parasitic Plant Collection

    The Plant Image Collection website - Smithsonian Institute, 18,000+ images

    Pollinator images

    Seagrasses of Western Australia

    Smithsonian Institution Plant of the Week

    Steven Wolf's Plant Image Database

    Tasmanian Treasures - Australian Plants Society, Tasmania

    Thomas Schöpke Plant Image Gallery (scroll down in left pane)

    University of Basel botanical images database

    University of Connecticut Greenhouse Image Collection

    University of Connecticut Plant Database

    University of Tasmania Flora of Mount Field

    University of Wisconsin Plant Systematics Collection

    Vascular Plant Families (Image Gallery) - UH Botany

    Vascular Plant Image Gallery (TAMU - BWG)

    Virtual Field Herbarium - Image Database

    W3TROPICOS of Missouri Botanical Garden

    World List of Plants with Extrafloral Nectaries

  • Distribution Maps (Resources here are developing fast, but treat all sources carefully; some make no distinction between cultivated and wild-collected specimens, etc.)   [Back to Top]
  • Australia's Virtual Herbarium - the flora of Australia as a whole.

    BONAP's Taxonomic Data Center - the flora of the U.S.A. and Canada.

    FloraBase - the flora of West Australia.

    GBIF - the world.

    TROPICOS - the world.

  • Phylogenies, etc.   [Back to Top]
  • Eudicot Evolutionary Research

    Deep Green

    Convolvulaceae Unlimited



    Tree of Life

  • Family Pages (a few sites for very large or very interesting genera are included; these are listed under the family to which the genus belongs)    [Back to Top]
  • Aizoaceae - Interactive Mesembs

    Apocynaceae - Periplocoideae, Secamonoideae, and Asclepiadoideae and stapeliads

    Apodanthaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Aizoaceae - Interactive Mesembs

    Araceae - CATE-Araceae

    Arecaceae - PALMweb

    Asteraceae: Madiinae - Madiinae Showcase

    Balanophoraceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Boraginaceae: "Lennoaceae" - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Brassicaceae - BrassiBase

    Byblidaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Caricaceae - e-Monograph (Carvalho 2013)

    Cephalotaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Cistaceae: Cistus and Halimium website

    Convolvulaceae: Convolvulaceae Unlimited, also Cuscuta - The Parasitic Plant Collection, also Digital Atlas of Cuscuta

    Cupressaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Cycadaceae - The Gymnosperm Database, The Cycad Pages

    Cynomoriaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Cyperaceae: Carex - Carex interactive identification key

    Cytinaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Droseraceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Drosophyllaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Emblingiaceae - FloraBase

    Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia Euphorbia list, Euphorbia Planet Biodiversity Index home page - note, does not function with Internet Explorer.

    Ericaceae: neotropical Vaccinieae Neotropical blueberries

    Fabaceae: Mimosoideae World Wide Wattle website

    Gentianaceae - Gentian Research Network

    Gesneriaceae - World Checklist and Bibliography of Gesneriaceae

    Ginkgoaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Gnetaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Hydnoraceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Krameriaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Lacistemataceae - Lacistemataceae website

    Lauraceae: Cassytha - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Lecythidaceae - The Lecythidaceae Pages

    Lentibulariaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Loranthaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Malvaceae - Malvaceae Pages website

    Melastomatacaceae - Melastomataceae of the World

    Misodendraceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Malpighiaceae - Malpighiaceae

    Mitrastemonaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Nepenthaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Opiliaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Orobanchaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Onagraceae - Onagraceae website

    Pinaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Poaceae - Catalogue of New World Grasses [Includes "A worldwide phylogenetic classification of Poaceae (Gramineae): cao, capim, çayir, çimen, darbha, ghaas, ghas, gish, gramas, graminius, gräser, grasses, gyokh, he-ben-ke, hullu, kasa, kusa, nyasi, pastos, pillu, pullu, zlaki, etc."]

    Podocarpaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Rafflesiaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Restionaceae - African Restionaceae

    Roridulaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Santalaceae - The Parasitic Plant Collection

    Sarraceniaceae - the Carnivorous Plants Database

    Solanaceae - Solanaceae Source

    Taxaceae - The Gymnosperm Database

    Xyridaceae - The Xyridaceae Pages

    Zamiaceae - The Gymnosperm Database, The Cycad Pages