Sculpture at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Image of 'Star Dancer', 'Oval Twister', and 'Double Helix Sail'

'Star Dancer', 'Oval Twister', and 'Double Helix Sail' (2002)

a. Star Dancer:

Stainless steel and copper, 13' 5"

b. Oval Twister:

Stainless steel and copper, 17'

c. Double Helix Sail:

Stainless steel and copper, 10' 1"

All the statues were installed in May 2002.


Lyman Whitaker

Utah sculptor

Lyman Whitaker's artwork has taken many forms since he graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in sculpture. In the last dozen years, he has concentrated on his kinetic wind sculptures which twirl silently in the slightest breeze. These whimsical, calming sculptures combine Whitaker's knowledge of engineering, science and art.


Kemper - Lopata Prairie Garden

Lyman Whitaker's sculptures are welded and soldered from copper and stainless steel into a wide range of shapes and sizes. The wind sculpture designs had their beginnings in a simple hanger-wire model which survived through a season of blustering winds and winter weather.

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