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11.  Climatron Interior I

Climatron Interior I - Negative available PHO 2005-0365 

12.  Main Gate -- Cacti

Main Gate interior showing Cacti beds. Copy negative available. PRINTS AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1983-0384, PHO 2006-2518 and PHO 2006-2519. Negative available at PHO 2006-2515. 


13.  Main Gate, exterior view.

Main Gate exterior view with man leaning against pillar. Street and walk unpaved. Circa 1860. 


14.  MBG -- Conservatory (1868-1916)

View of the parterre with gentlemen on paths. Juno is in center. Victory and museum can be seen in background. View is looking south from the steps of the Main Conservatory. 


15.  Cactus beds near Parterre in 1890s.

Cactus beds near Parterre in 1890's. 


16.  Parterre in 1890s with garden view.

On negative: 'View of Shaw's Missouri Botanical Garden' 


17.  Lily Pond -- Main Garden

Lily Pond located in the Main Garden. Man and woman visible. Lily pool east of parterre. Euryale ferox in pool. 

18.  MBG -- Conservatory (1868-1916)

View of Main Conservatory (1868-1916) and Juno showing visitors in the foreground. Taken from a Stereo View. 


19.  Garden view - north from observatory. (13)

Garden view looking north from observatory. Women visible on path leading to the Main Conservatory. 

20.  MBG -- Conservatory (1868-1916)

View of women and children on path leading to the Main Conservatory (1868-1916). Taken from a Stereo View. PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1982-0043. 


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